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Article Marketing Success: How To Write A Non-Sales Oriented Article
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Did you know that every online publisher–whether it’s a blog, article directory, or ezine–has its own criteria for determining what types of articles get published on that site or in that ezine?

When you’re writing and submitting your articles, you need to think about creating content that publishers will ultimately want to publish. If you don’t do that, then what’s the point of submitting the article in the first place?

Promotional Articles: Fight The Temptation!

By far the most common reason why articles are declined is for being “promotional”. That means that the article is sales oriented in some obvious way.

The natural instinct when submitting articles for marketing purposes is to think that the article should be about your product or business in some way. Another temptation is to try to subtly (or not so subtly) slip a plug for your business or website into an otherwise educational article.

If this idea has popped into your head, don’t feel bad. Before being educated on this topic, I think all of us have either tried to write a promotional article or thought about it. (Before I entered the article marketing business, even I had one of my articles declined by a publisher because of “promotional” content, so I speak from personal experience here!)

Here is what you need to remember: Publishers do not like articles with promotional content in the article body. Instead, the resource box area is the place for talking about your business, products and website.

If most publishers don’t want promotional articles, what good does it do you to go to the trouble of writing such an article and submitting it? Absolutely none.

For the best article marketing, you’ve got to play by the rules. Write an article that teaches your reader something essential having to do with your niche. Then, in the resource box you can try to get the reader to visit your website or buy your products.

What Should You Write About?

By this time, many of you are wondering, “Okay, so if I can’t write the article about my own products, website or business, then what can I write about?

Write articles that teach your reader how to do something practical associated with your field. Let’s say that you’re a car mechanic and you own your own business. Instead of writing articles about why people should visit your shop (which would make the article promotional), think of common problems that your customers have and then write articles that address how to fix them.

For example, you could write an article on “Routine Car Maintenance: 5 Simple Things To Do To Keep Your Car Running”.

The idea is to teach in your articles, rather than sell. When writing free reprint articles, you really need to pretend like you’re teaching a classroom full of students rather selling anything.

A Marketing Mindshift

If you are new to submitting articles, article marketing may not work how you thought it would. You may have started writing and submitting articles with a pre-conceived idea in your head about how you would go about things and what you would get out of it. For many people who are used to doing offline sales and marketing, doing article marketing requires a mind shift.

With marketing on the internet, you’ve got to think of search engines and online publishers, as well as what makes a person want to read an article on the internet.

If you can’t talk about your business in the article body or title, how can article marketing benefit you? That’s a natural question, and we’ll cover it more next time. Until then, the short answer is that the resource box is the key to making your articles work for you.

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3 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: How To Write A Non-Sales Oriented Article”

  1. I shy away from writing articles until after I publish my first book because everything that I have to write about is original to my profession (Psychologist/Psychotherapy). No one “does it” like I do and my ideas might be stolen and published before I get my chance. I can’t spend time writing for another anything other than finishing my PsyD research paper. What do you think? Can anything assure me that what I write would not be stolen and published elsewhere? Kay Gunner

  2. Sir,
    I am getting training and induction to write articles. I have prepared some blogs. I will send it later.

    with regards,

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @J. Kay Gunner: Hi Kay,

    Whenever you publish a free reprint article, the website owner that republishes the content is supposed to also republish your resource box with an active link to your website.

    That said, whenever you publish content–whether it’s online or offline–there is no way to ensure that it won’t be stolen by an unscrupulous person. This is true for content that you put on your own website, in a newsletter, on your own blog, or as a free reprint article. There is always the chance that a dishonest person who does not invest in his own website with quality original content, may put your content on his site without crediting you.

    That may happen occasionally, but I think it’s the exception, not the rule. Most people play by the rules.

    The reason why people do article marketing is to get exposure for their business and to drive traffic to their website. Article marketing is a very effective way of doing that. Most people find that the benefits far outweigh the possibility of content being republished without including the resource box.

    Hope that helps!

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