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Article Marketing Success: I’m Getting Good Article Views–Why Don’t I Have More Website Traffic?
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I get the best questions from clients and from people who are interested in article marketing in general. Here’s one that you might have an interest in yourself:

Over the last 6 months I’ve submitted 19 articles, and I can see from my statistics that I have over 1000 viewings total. However, I have not seen an increase in traffic to my website, nor sign ups to my newsletters etc. What can I do in regards to writing my articles, how many I submit etc to increase my traffic and article marketing success?

Thank you for getting in touch–you ask such a good question. There may be a little bit of a misunderstanding though on how article marketing works…

Article Views Are Not The Main Indicator of Article Marketing Success

First off, congratulations on the 1,000 views on our directory! It’s always thrilling to know that people are enjoying your articles. Enjoy that and be encouraged by it, but don’t focus too much attention on it when you’re evaluating your progress…

It sounds like you’re thinking that the more views you have on an article directory, the more traffic you should have to your website, and the more newsletter sign ups, but those two things actually don’t correlate.

The views are nice in themselves, but they’re not really what you’re going for with article marketing. In fact, article ‘views’ (and from there a certain percentage of actual click-throughs to your site) are the ‘icing on the cake’.

The number of views that you receive on an individual article directory are the result of a number of things–how long the article has been published on that directory, what niche you’re writing for, other places where the same article is published that might be outranking another directory for particular keyword terms, etc. So, article views are great, but they aren’t really any indication of how your article marketing campaign is progressing.

If views on an article directory are not significant in determining your article marketing success, what is?

Where your website is ranking for the keyword terms you’re targeting is the ultimate indication of how your site is progressing. Your goal is to rank #1 for your keyword terms. The closer you get to the #1 spot, the more traffic will come to your website.

Traffic from articles is great, but search engine traffic is where the money is. What’s the difference between the type of traffic that you can get from your articles and the traffic you can get from a high Google ranking?

It’s night and day–it’s like comparing a trickling faucet to Niagara Falls….

How can you influence where your website is ranking?

You can influence where your website ranks by doing consistent article submissions that target the keywords that you want to rank for.

You’ll want to do keyword research to be sure you have a list of 5-10 keyword associated with your website. Then, alternate using those keywords as the anchor text in your HTML resource box.

This is very important–do not use the same keyword in the HTML resource box each time, as that can have negative effects in Google. Instead, alternate the keywords you target in your HTML resource box.

How can you track your progress?

When you’ve collected a list of 5-10 keywords, do a Google search for each of them to see where your website is ranking, and keep track of what position your website is in for each of those terms each month.

That is how to see your progress. Your goal is to be in the #1 spot for each of your keyword phrases. The closer that you get to the #1 spot, the more traffic will come to your website.

It will usually take a few months of consistent article submissions before noticing a difference in your search engine rankings, so be patient. Consistency is the big key to article marketing–I recommend submitting 8 articles per month or each website that you’re marketing.

In case you need some advise on doing keyword research, please see this Keywords Tutorial

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