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Article Marketing Success: Inspiring Your Readers To DO Something!
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Help your readers to DO something with the info in your article, rather than to save it for a rainy day...

I’m sure we’ve all been to seminars or sat in classrooms where the object was just to take in the information, and it really wasn’t clear what to do with it afterwards.

You just go back to your regular life after such an experience, and while you may feel like you’re making headway on the day you receive the teaching, you end up just tucking the knowledge away for a rainy day, which oftentimes never comes.

I’ve noticed that the best teachers not only give you the info that you’re looking for, but they tell you exactly how to apply the new knowledge to your actual life. Really, knowledge in itself doesn’t have any value if you don’t know what to do with it.

In the interest of creating the most valuable content possible, it helps to take the following approach in inspiring your readers to actually do something as a result of reading your article:

1- First off, make your article educational and instructional.

Free reprint articles are referred to as “educational articles” for a reason–they’re meant to educate. No matter what your topic is, your target readers are wondering things about your topic, and your job in writing articles is to provide the answers to those questions.

This explains why “how to” articles are so popular–they are meeting a need that people have. People want to learn exactly how to do very specific things.

Your readers may also have problems associated with your topic, and your job would be to come up with solutions to those problems. This is another form of a “how to” article–the problem solving article.

Maybe your readers are even needing some sort of emotional lift–it depends on your topic, but even subjects that appear technical and un-emotional can have an emotional component that you can address in your articles.

For example, you wouldn’t normally think of article marketing as being emotional, but it really is when you consider that you have human beings who are not used to doing it taking a step out into unfamiliar territory. Anytime you have to learn something new there is some stress or discomfort.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of your readers and thinking about any sort of emotional element that might be involved in your subject matter. Then, write an article designed to help with that emotional stress.

2 – Tell the reader exactly what the “next step” would be for him in undertaking the concepts you’ve outlined in your article.

Be extremely specific, both with what the reader should do and when the reader should do it.

For example, you can say: “This week, write an instructional article that ends with a way of applying the information in the article.”

Or, “For your next article, think about what you will teach your reader to do.”

Both the “this week” and the “for your next article” specify when the reader should take this new skill for a test drive.

Both of those “application” sentences also tell what the reader should do as well.

A variation of this would be to ask a question at the end of your article:

“Which of these tips will you incorporate into your next article?”

It helps if the question is not a “yes” or “no” one but rather one that requires the reader to think of a concrete answer.

3 – Do a recap at the end of the article, summarizing the info that was covered and what the reader should do with it.

This is often done in the concluding paragraph, but you can also make it even more obvious by giving a “Homework” or “Action Steps” section. Ending your article with concrete action steps is basically leading your reader by the hand to implement the information you’ve provided.

Your Homework:

1 – This week, write a “how to” article for your topic. Be sure to provide step-by-step instructions that your reader can easily follow.

2 – Include an “Action Steps” or “Homework” section at the end of your article that gives the reader one or two easy “next steps” to take after reading your article.

So many times people read things online, and then they just move on with their lives and forget what they’ve read. You make it so much easier for people to remember your content and get optimum usefulness out of it when you design your article with the purpose of getting your reader to DO something.

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: Inspiring Your Readers To DO Something!”

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    This is yet another great article illustrating the fact that you know what you`re talking about & NOT just someone else plastering the same re-cycled content on their site!

  2. Lee Wise says:


    Meeting needs, questions, how to next steps, summaries, next steps and a review…

    Great! A good review of what we need to think about while in the process of influencing others by what we create.

    Thank you for sharing this,


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