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Article Marketing Success: How To Create An “Ah-Ha!” Article
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This is a Malteser Cake.

Writing attention grabbing content is a must for every article marketer, but what makes an article outstanding?

What makes an article memorable?

What makes an article worthy of being shared with others?

What makes an article worthy of being republished?

Over the next few posts I’ll be going over key elements that contribute to producing outstanding articles.

The first element hits at the heart of things:

Element #1: Your article must connect with your target readers by providing them with something that they need.

That’s a no-brainer isn’t it?

When you are browsing around the internet, will you spend your time reading an article that is not applicable to your life? No!

The same is true of your own readers–they will only read your article if it is mindful of their needs and provides them with something that will benefit them.

What Do Your Readers Need?

Here are 5 ways to discover topics that are in line with your readers’ needs:

1 – Pay attention to customer questions.

I learn so much about what my readers need from simply looking at the questions that they send in to the support site. Sometimes I will turn my reply to a question into an article, because if a handful of people are asking the same question, odds are that there are many others who are wondering the same thing.

2 – Monitor the comments on your blog and look for common questions and challenges.

This is one of the many perks of having a blog–readers ask all sorts of questions, and they’re often ones that I never would have thought of.

A variation of this idea:

Read blogs in your niche–what challenges or questions are revealed in the comments of each post? Even if the question is not on your own blog, you can still write articles to satisfy the questions that you’re seeing.

3 – Look at your website stats–what search terms are people typing into Google that lead them to your site?

Here is an example:

I know a woman who has a blog that is all about chocolate recipes and photos. From looking at her website stats, she realized that people were commonly searching for “Malteser Cake recipe” in Google and then being directed to her site.

Her site was ranking highly for the search term “Malteser Cake recipe”, when she didn’t have any pages on her site devoted to that topic. She had never written an article on that specific topic before either.

She quickly remedied this problem by writing posts and articles on this topic–now when someone is looking for Malteser Cake recipes, they will find them at her site.

Look at your own website statistics and see what search terms deserve to have articles written about them. This also helps you in creating content for your website.

4 – Ask your readers/list subscribers/customers what they want to know about your topic.

Sometimes the most direct approach is the best–just ask your readers/customers/list subscribers what they want to learn about, then write articles to satisfy those questions.

5 – What problems have you encountered that you had to figure out on your own?

Are you constantly expanding your knowledge on your topic? Hopefully you are. When you learn something new, Â pass your newly found knowledge to your readers via your articles.

Your Homework

Spend 15 minutes today generating article ideas based on your reader’s needs.

Your Thoughts On This Topic…

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little survey on what is outstanding content to you. I loved reading your ideas and opinions, and your passion for top quality content has really been uplifting to me.

I noticed that these points that I’ve covered in this post came up a lot in your feedback about what is outstanding content to you. Here’s what some of you said on this topic:

  • “For me to share it, it will have to cause some type of reaction or shock or “ah-ha” moment. It would have to give me something I can “take away” and use. That means just not give a bunch of facts that have been rehashed over and over again.” – Gwen
  • “Hands down, what makes an article outstanding is when it contains information that I didn’t previously know and, ideally, that I can use. That’s also what makes me want to share an article.” – Ginger
  • “An outstanding, memorable article to me is when I’m panicked into printing it off in case (in a busy schedule) I might not be able to locate it again. Some articles are so informative that one feels that this chance could be the only one in which to absorb all the information or lose it.” – Cherille
  • “Well, contributing real value to a reader’s knowledge base is the primary factor. I personally prefer specific, tactical, “how-to” information that can be applied easily. Anything that falls into that category is always more executable, and therefore, more personally valuable to me as a reader… so I know that is a good guideline to follow when providing information to someone else.” — LinkScience
  • “For it to be memorable it must teach me something I didn’t already know. For me to want to share it, it must be cutting-edge information.” — Les
  • “Personally I believe in engaging and questioning the reader, encouraging them to reflect and critically think about the message.” — Richard

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Gateau aux maltesers by liseo

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  1. Randy says:

    thanks for the great tips.

  2. Russel says:

    This is just such a smart way to to approach putting articles together. It really gives direction as to the construction in putting an article together.

  3. Ed says:

    Interesting approch to the “Ah-Ha” Article creation to your own article !

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