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Article Marketing Success: What Is Your Resource Box Lure?
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What is your resource box lure?

I was watching TV today and a commercial came on that interested me.

It was for a new brand of ice cream (this explains why it caught my eye ;) ), and at the end of the commercial the announcer said,

To see a full list of our flavors, visit our website.

At first I thought,

Visit your website? Shouldn’t I visit my grocery to find out the flavors that they carry? After all, there’s no use getting excited about a flavor that you make when that flavor is not offered at my local store.

But then I realized, “Aha! That is their lure. That is the reason that the viewer should go to their website.”

Just like in a resource box, that commercial had thought of a way to lure me to their website. And it worked–my curiosity (and my sweet tooth!) got the best of me on this occasion.

But what if they just put their website address on the screen at the end of the commercial without giving me any reason to go there–would that have accomplished the same thing?

Absolutely not.

There is a principle with marketing:

If you very specifically tell readers/viewers what action to take and give them a decent reason to take that action, then they will be much more likely to do it.

You would think that just putting your website address in your resource box would be self-evident: “Duh, go to my site.

But that’s not the way it works. People need for you to actually tell them if there is a specific action that you want them to take.

  • The more specific you are about what to do the better.
  • The better reason you give for taking this action the better too.

Your Homework

1 – This week, watch offline marketing for products in magazines and on television keeping an eye out for the “lures” that these offline products use to try to get people to go to their websites.

It may give you some ideas, and it’s actually a little consoling that nowadays basically everyone is in the same position as an article marketer, trying to think of a way to get people to go to his or her website. If they can do it, so can you!

At least when you’re trying to do your convincing your reader is already at the computer and all they have to do is click your link.

Imagine the added challenge for TV, magazine, and radio advertisers who also have to get their target market to get off the couch and log onto the computer!

2 – Think of at least one really great resource box lure to use in your article submissions. This will be a reason why the reader should click the link in your resource box.

3 – Think of the language you will use to instruct your reader what to do. You must specifically state what action you would like the reader to take and why.

Now, on to the fun stuff–what is your favourite resource box lure? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo Credit:

Ice Cream Flavors by Chiot’s Run

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Success: What Is Your Resource Box Lure?”

  1. Very sound advice. Make the words count with no options, hestitation or irrelevances eg NOT ‘If you would like..’ etc, nor ‘Why not..’, nor ‘I hope you enjoyed …’. …

    It should be ‘Click here for the finest…’ etc(the specifics) …or… ‘Go to our site to see…’ etc………

    As I was trained in offline media (there were no online options at that time in my earlier career) my work on behalf of clients was always measured: that has instilled in me the discipline of measuring. I was once challenged to prove it by measuring the most moving love song ever recorded. And I did and came up with the answer – So in love by Cole Porter.

    Measure and evaluate everything.


  2. Victoria says:

    Great information and a very good reminder of how the human mind works. Sometimes we need a little push. I have a question for you about article marketing. With the latest, and I must say disappointing, Google algorithm change and the effects it is having on article directories such as EzineArticles, do you think article marketing is still a viable way to get lots of targeted traffic?

  3. Victoria says:

    Sorry Steve,
    I just found your article “Google’s Content Farm Update” so it answered my question about your thoughts on article marketing.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Victoria–no problem! Glad you found the other post.

    For anyone else who needs it, here it is:

    Google’s “Content Farm” Update … The Implications for Article Marketing

    Have a good weekend!

  5. tschier says:

    My favorite to get them to click throught to a review site is: click here to find out what’s hot and not so hot about PajamaJeans. Or whatever product .

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