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Article Marketing Success: One Title Tweak That Can Save Your Article Marketing Campaign
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It’s amazing how much your article titles can affect your overall article marketing success.

You would think that everything would be riding on the article itself or on the resource box, but no–sometimes it is something as simple as the title that can make or break your campaign.

A friend who had been doing article marketing for several months (long enough to see results) contacted me very frustrated with his lack of success. I took a look at his articles and immediately saw what the issue was.

His articles were skillfully written.

His topics were interesting and compelling.

His resource box was pretty good, but he didn’t do a HTML resource box–no keywords were targeted in the submissions.

Aside from that, the main thing I noticed was that his titles were really bad.

Some were just one word long, others were cryptic to the point of being confusing. All of them were minimalistic–one word long or just partial phrases.

In a long list of article titles, there was not one that had any “oomph”, sounded in the least bit interesting, or indicated the topic of the article.

His topic itself was very interesting, but his titles did nothing to lasso a reader (or a search engine) in.

I wish I could take this friend, give him the info that I’m about to give you, then put him in a time machine so that he could go back and start his article marketing campaign all over again.

A few lessons to take from this:

1 - Spend time on your title. It really does matter!

2 - Write a title that specifically indicates what the article is about. That is actually the purpose of your title–to relay to the reader what the topic of the article is.

Do not be cryptic, overly brief, or vague. Say very clearly what the article is about.

3 - Do not assume that just because your article has been accepted at an article directory that people will read it. The title goes a long way toward enticing people to read your article.

4 – Do keyword research to generate article topics and specific phrases to target in your articles and resource boxes.

This is the best way to come up with article titles. If you would like a very easy way to come up with titles, visit’s title suggestion tool.

Or, do your own keyword research and use these tutorials to generate your titles:

How To Write A Keyword-Rich Article Title

SEO Article Writing: Using Different Types of Keywords in Articles and Resource Boxes

5 - Learn how to create a HTML resource box. Here is a tutorial for how to create a HTML resource box on

Very important: The HTML resource box is a powerful tool. It is very important that you rotate the keywords that you use as anchor text in your HTML resource box instead of using the same key phrase each time. Have a list of 5-10 main keyword phrases that you would like your website to rank highly for. Then, alternate which phrase you use in each article.


Doing keyword research and spending time on your titles really can make a huge difference in your article marketing success. This month, renew your focus on these two areas.

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