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Article Marketing Success: Are You Writing for One Person or the World?
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Writing for just one person every once in a while can refresh your article marketing campaign...

I write a lot (or at least it seems to me :) ). Here’s my schedule:

  • 8 blog posts a month
  • 8 articles a month
  • Tons of writing each day answering questions that come in to our support site and as comments on this blog
  • The occasional post on my personal blog, where I get the chance to rant and ramble about life in general

When you work on the internet, most of your communication with others is via the written word.

Interesting to think about it that way–relationships are formed, work is accomplished, trust is established, help is offered, knowledge is shared…all via the words on a page.

Writing for the Masses v. Writing for One Person

I bet you spend a fair amount of time writing too.

Here’s something that I’ve noticed:

When I am in my “writing zone”, on a mission to produce a certain number of articles and blog posts, I have a few different paths I like to take.

Many times I try to think of a common question or problem that my readers and potential readers are running into, then I put on my teacher hat and write a post or article that answers the question or solves the problem.

Other times I’ll do keyword research to help me figure out what massive numbers of people are typing into Google, and then the writing of the article is strategic.

Both of those approaches are great–I use them a good bit of the time, but there is another type of article/post that really has a special place in my heart.

It’s the piece of content that is for one person or perhaps just a handful of people. It’s a little more contemplative and more creative for me, and even though it doesn’t “bring in the masses”, I still dote on those posts/articles.

I Heart Articles

Here’s a ‘for instance’:

Take this article I wrote about what it means to be an expert.

I wrote that for myself and one other person, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of all the posts I have written over the past few months, that one stood out in my mind as one of my favourites.

I’m not saying that it is a technically stellar post or anything–I just like it. It expresses a little bit of my heart.

Do You Need Some Refreshment?

Article marketing can be a very technical exercise–that is the nature of it. I strongly encourage you to do keyword research and learn how to write articles that are optimized for search engines (browse around this blog for tips on how to accomplish that).

But speaking as someone who lives and breathes the search engine marketing business, I know that occasionally writing an article on my topic that is written for myself and one other person nourishes me, refreshes me, and I think ultimately makes my article marketing campaign stronger.

Writing for one person also helps you connect with individuals in a way that other types of articles do not.

I’m curious…

Do you ever write for yourself and maybe one other person?

Do you have your pet articles that you adore that go outside the realm of strategically writing for the masses?

If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Heart by seyed mostafa zamani

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One Response to “Article Marketing Success: Are You Writing for One Person or the World?”

  1. Great article(s) Steve. I also like how you give credit to the photographer at the end of this one. Good example for others to follow.

    When I post I understand what others may be going through, or may want to know about, so I don’t typically write one for myself or for only one other person. I guess I write for our community exclusively. An example:

    It’s fascinating to know what others do however, and I have appreciated your emails and articles very much.

    Kellie Frazier

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