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Article Marketing Success: 3 Lessons from Olympic Athletes
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Olympic athletes know the key to success...

These athletes know the key to success...

I love sports. There is something inspiring and heroic about these dedicated athletes competing at the very top level of their sport.

They make me feel that I am capable of much more than I normally settle for in my own performance in life. They make me feel excited at the thought of working harder for a specific purpose and excelling in my field.

When you admire someone, you try to be like them. In watching these amazing athletes from all over the globe I have been inspired with some article marketing success tips.

Here are 3 lessons we can learn from these world class athletes that will help spur us on to victory!

Lesson 1: Consistency is key.

Consistent effort leads to success.

What would happen if you were consistent in your article marketing campaign?

When I watch these athletes I am aware that they have been working towards this moment for an incredibly long period of time.

Some started when they were just children, and they have trained every day to reach this shining moment.

They have made sacrifices. They have trained when they didn’t feel like it. They have put in the work necessary to be the best in their field.

  • What would happen if you wrote and submitted articles when you didn’t feel like it?
  • What would be the result if you carved regular writing times into your week and disciplined yourself to stick to your plan?
  • What would happen if you persevered in your article marketing campaign, week by week, month by month, and year by year?

Like these athletes, you would begin to shine. You would start to rise to the top of your field online. You would develop an authority about you that would impact your business.

Lesson 2: If you are determined enough, you can rise to the top of your field.


How determined are you with your article marketing campaign?

Most people who are regarded as being very accomplished have spent a lot of time practicing, gaining knowledge, training, and working toward the goal of being the best.

Imagine this beginning: A little kid is skiing or sledding down his snow covered front yard, but in his heart a dream is born that he can be a champion one day.

Some people scoff at his dream and tell him he can’t do it. That just makes him want it more. Maybe he overhears his parents talking, “He’ll never stick with this. This is just a phase.”

But he fans the flame of that little dream in his heart, until it grows to be a torch. He sets his mind on his goal. He works for it. Nothing can stand in his way.

Then 10 years or so later he finds himself at a starting gate on the top of a snowy mountain with the world watching as he makes his run in the Games.

I think any athlete like this would tell you–if you are determined enough, you can rise to the top.

  • Are you serious about being #1 in Google, or is this just a passing phase?
  • When people tell you that you can’t do it, does it make you want to prove them wrong?
  • How determined are you? Are you willing to put forth the work to be at the top of your field?

Lesson 3: Competition brings out your best performance.

Competition brings out your best.

Will you use your competitors to produce your best performance?Â

Have you noticed that in a qualifying heat the top speed skaters want to be pitted against a worthy opponent?

If you’re the fastest person in your heat and all the others are lagging behind, then you don’t have the adrenaline needed to really push yourself to your best performance.

Having tough competitors is a good thing–it can bring out the best in you.

The same is true of article marketing. I encourage you to figure out who your top competitors are and then pit yourself against them.

Are you inspired?

We are all capable of much more than we are settling for. We are all capable of a level of greatness that we have not yet achieved.

  • Will you take these athletes as a positive example and set your bar higher in your business and marketing efforts?
  • Will you work consistently to be the best in your field?
  • Will you commit to a long term article marketing campaign and stick with it until you reach your goals?

Photo credits:

Torina 2006 torch
Torino 2006 figure skating
Ski – Backside 360
5000m Relay Heats Men – Sheffield 2007

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