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Article Marketing Tip: Get Back To Basics With Your Article Topics
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The simplest articles are often the best...

The most basic articles can be the most helpful. More complicated does not necessarily mean more useful.

The more articles that we write, the easier it is to think too hard and get too complicated in our subject matter.

It’s great to write articles for a variety of skill levels (beginner through advanced), but if you feel like you’re getting stuck and running out of topics, try getting back to basics.

Here is your assignment for your next article:

Solve one small, basic problem.

What is something that you’ve noticed your readers tripping over time and again?

It may be so small that you don’t even think it merits an article, but I challenge you to devote one article to solving a very small but simple problem.

Here are some ideas:

=> A small business coach notices that the way you answer the phone has a big impact on your success. She writes an article giving simple tips on what to say when answering the phone, what tone of voice to use, what facial expressions to use when talking on the phone with a client, etc.

=> A fitness guru notices that there is one common problem that all of her weight loss clients share: eating in front of the television. She writes an article with one premise–how to remove this behavior.

=> A mother notices the unexpected key to getting a picky eater to stop being so picky.

=> A cooking instructor notices that many of her students don’t know how to make a hard boiled egg. She decides to write a how-to article detailing how to execute this extremely simple task.

=> The owner of an article submission service notices that some of his clients do not know what a link is. He writes a very non-technical article explaining this.

You’ll notice one common denominator with all of these scenarios–the author notices a need.

The author makes a simple observation that could benefit his or her readers.

If you are not sure what your readers are wondering, it’s a great idea to just ask them. In your newsletter, on your blog or on Twitter or Facebook, just say, “Hey–what do you want to know about such and such topic? No question is too simple. Really, ask me anything.”

In all the years that I’ve been writing articles and going through the cycles of having things to write about and then struggling to come up with writing topics, I’ve noticed that the one thing that helps without fail is getting back to basics–getting back in touch with the needs of your readers.

Those needs are often very simple, so simple that you may think “does that really merit an article”? I would like you to test it out and see if it does. Write an article addressing a very simple need that you’ve seen in your audience.

Let me know how it goes…

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  1. chris says:

    This is definitely something to think about. Thanks for the tips. :)

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