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Article Marketing Tip – Good Conversation Topics Often Make Good Article Topics
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Conversations can make good article topics...

Conversations can make good article topics...

Here is this week’s article marketing tip:

Good conversation topics often make good article topics.

Have you ever been engaged in a casual conversation with someone, and you found yourself passionately trying to correct a misconception about your niche?

This has happened several times with me. One time I was at a family dinner and someone mentioned that his goal in marketing his website was that he would have the top ranking site for his own name.

When he said that, I remembered how confusing it can be when you’re just getting started in the website marketing game. You know that you’re supposed to be ranking highly in Google for something, but you’re just not clear for what.

We had a good conversation about what search terms you should be aiming to rank highly for, and this article came out of it.

As article marketers, we are always looking for compelling article topics that are useful to our readers. These tips will help you write more conversation based articles:

1 – Think of yourself as a teacher.

Whether you’re at your desk or not, whether you’re working or enjoying some leisure time, you are still a teacher in every environment you are in. Your teaching topic is your niche. When people are truly interested in what you do, be eager to provide them information, even if you don’t think they’ll ever become a customer.

When you think of yourself as a teacher, sort of an ambassador of your niche, you will treat every person who speaks to you with as much care and attention as you would a customer. People have questions about your topic, misconceptions, incomplete ideas–it is up to you to help them.

2 – Don’t be afraid to talk to people in the offline world about your work.

I have to admit that sometimes I hesitate when someone asks me what I do for a living. In the offline world, what I do is a little hard to understand. Maybe this is true for you too. Here is a little trick I’ve learned in engaging in conversations with people who ask me about my work:

  • Tell them the type of people who you help.
  • Tell them what you help these people do.
  • Use everyday language that anyone can understand (no niche jargon).
  • Talk with the person about your general niche, rather than your specific business, at least at first. Remember, you’re not trying to talk anyone into being your customer–you are simply helping them know more about your niche.

For example, when someone asks me what I do, I say something like “I help business owners market their websites.”

Then that leads to more inquiring about how I help business owners who have websites.

3 – Use my Dinner Party Reply article template.

I love this template because it can create multiple articles (I believe I got eight or so off of the example I gave in the template.) This template allows you to get the benefit of discovering new article topics without having to wait for the appropriate conversation to spontaneously happen.


It’s exciting to have a conversation that is article worthy, isn’t it? It also makes article writing easier for you. You’ve just been talking in depth about this specific topic, and it is easier to imagine what your reader may be thinking/wondering.

Question for you:

Do you ever write articles based off of conversations?

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