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Article Marketing Tip – Having the Right Length of Article
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What is your approach to writing articles?

  • Do you just sit down and start writing and quit when you’ve said all you want to say?
  • Or do you take a more strategic approach and work within the boundaries of a word count goal?

I’ve done both approaches, and they both work as long as you keep in mind the ideal length of an article and don’t stray too far from it.

Does The Length Of An Article Really Matter?

Yes, it does. Most publishers will have word count limits–an upper limit and a lower one. The upper limit is to prevent articles that would be so long that people would not be likely to read the article, due to the length. Having an overly long article can be intimidating to a reader.

The lower limit is to ensure that the content contains enough helpful information to warrant someone reading it. If the article is too short, then the article is extremely limited in how useful it can be.

Ideally, articles will be long enough to offer helpful information, but no so long that the reader feels like he’s reading a doctoral thesis on the subject.

In the article marketing world, these upper and lower word count limits are commonly 400 words for the lower limit and 1000-1500 words for the upper.

What Is The Ideal Length Of An Article?

In creating articles that have the most appeal to publishers, there is a range within the high and low extremes that seems to be long enough to provide useful information, but short enough to maintain the interest of readers. That word count range is 600-800 words long.

I use that range for my own articles, although I’m not absolutely strict on it for myself. It’s fine with me if my article has 598 words–close enough! Or if it goes up to 850 even after editing it as far down as I can get it, it’s still pretty close. I don’t sweat it, and neither should you. Just aim for the general range. Include as much helpful content as you can, while at the same time saying things as succinctly as possible.

How To Shoot For A Word Count Goal

Work in a word processing program that offers a word count tool (such as Google docs, Word or Notepad). I compose my articles in Google docs, and here’s where to find the word count tool:

Go to Tools, and then select Word Count from the drop down list.

Go to "Tools" and then select "Word Count" from the drop down list.

Then a box with the word counts will appear. It looks like this:

You can see I have 636 words in this article.

I find that aiming for a particular length of article helps keep me focused. I may have a tendency to ramble and go down rabbit holes, but when that happens the article gets away from me. Being focused on a word count goal helps the article to stay on track.

What If Your Article Is Too Long?

There have been sometimes when I’ve been writing up a storm, and I’ll notice that I’m in the 1,000 word range. That’s okay–it’s even a good thing, because it means that I can get two articles out of that writing session. It takes a bit of finesse to break one article into two, but it’s a lot easier than writing an article from scratch.

In your head you can think, “The first article is part 1 and the other article is part 2″, but there is no need to indicate that in the articles themselves or in the titles. In fact, don’t mention Part 1 or Part 2 anywhere–plan on each article standing on its own. Readers will not necessarily see both articles, so you need to make each article make complete sense.

What about an introductory and concluding paragraph–can you just use the same one for each article? Sorry, no–you need to make each article unique, so you won’t reuse any parts in the articles.

What If Your Article Is Too Short?

If your article is too short, then you need to beef it up with more helpful information. Here’s a detailed resource on how to do that:

Finding More Things To Write About When You’ve Run Out Of Things To Say


Having the right length of article is a great way to make your articles more attractive to readers and publishers. It also helps you to stay focused and to make the best use of your writing efforts.

Do you work with a word count goal? If so, do you have any tips for producing an article of  a certain length?

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