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Article Marketing Tip: How Can I Tell How Many “Views” My Article Has?
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Sometimes people ask me how can they tell how many views their article has on the internet as a whole. I think that’s a pretty common thing to wonder, as it’s tempting to associated article views with how successful an article is.

Before I answer this question, I just want to point out that how many views any one article has is not an indication of your article marketing success as a whole. Remember, article marketing is a long term marketing tool that gets its power from the momentum of accumulated submissions over time.

If you want to check the progress of your article marketing campaign, a better measurement would be where your site is listed in the search engine rankings for specific keyword terms associated with your niche.

With that said, knowing how many article views a particular article has can be interesting because it can give you a hint as to how popular a certain topic is with your readership. There really isn’t a measurement for internet-wide views of a particular article, but some of the major article directories such as’s own article directory, Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers, and others list a statistic for “article views”.

The “article views” statistic is referring to how many times the article page has been viewed on that one directory.

You may look at your list of articles on the directory and notice that some articles have much higher views than others. Â There are a few possible reasons for this.

The article’s views will go up over time, and thus a newer article will tend to have fewer views than one that has been on the directory for a longer period of time. So, if you notice some articles of yours having much higher view counts, it could just be that those articles have been around longer.

But what if you have several articles that are relatively the same age, and one has views that are sky high? What does that mean? It could just be that one struck a nerve, and you can try experimenting with going deeper into that topic. It could also be the title–perhaps it was the headline that drew people’s attention. Maybe the title was keyword optimized, and drew a lot of search traffic. It’s hard to tell, and I want to caution you not to get too focused on individual articles.

It’s rather like a tennis player who hits the ball many times during a match. It doesn’t do him any good to get obsessed with one swing of the racket–what really matters is his overall performance.

Many of you have blogs, and you can also think of the success of your article marketing campaign as being similar to the success of your blog.

The success of your blog is not riding on just one post, is it? Rather the blog is a collection of frequently updated information, and there are many posts on the blog that taken together determine the quality of the site. You may occasionally have one post that “goes viral” and brings a lot of traffic and media attention to your site, but you can’t live for just that one post, and that one post wouldn’t make as much impact if there wasn’t any other content on your site.

It’s the same with your articles–you may submit 10 articles that seem to have average views at first (but that later pay off over the long term). You could then submit your 11th article and it’s immediately picked up by an ezine with a list of 50,000 subscribers, which leads to an avalanche of new customers, sales and repeat business.

That sort of situation happens all the time with our clients, and it really points to the fact that article marketing is a big picture sort of marketing tool. You can’t get too focused on the performance of  just one article–the success of your article marketing campaign really is determined by an overall performance and consistent quality article submissions.

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Tip: How Can I Tell How Many “Views” My Article Has?”

  1. But you don’t allow promotional info appear in the article submission,how can that bring lots of traffic and sales?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    @Buy Cheap iPhone Cases: Hi-the resource box is the place to include information about yourself, your business, your products and services and your website. It’s only the title and article body where promotional info is off limits.

  3. Thanks Steve for all the great information you provide, I’m inspired with all your good advice.

  4. daveM says:

    Steve I recognize the names of a couple of your posters from having seen their sites, that would be a testimonial for sure… I am wondering if you have an article posted that would outline some specifics as to how sites have improved as a result of article marketing using your service. I am just a little unsure as to whether to use this type of marketing and would appreciate seeing some numbers if you would have that information available for the public (lol newbie question) Thanks Steve.

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @daveM: Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your question. There are always a lot of variables at play when it comes to measuring results (eg. age and history of site, content quality, backlink profile, onsite SEO, link relevancy etc.). As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s more of an art form than an exact science, and it’s notoriously difficult to run any meaningful tests with so many differing factors often at play for each website.

    I can tell you though that we continue to maintain several page #1 listings for our own keywords, including #1 positions. Article marketing continues to be a solid part of any SEO strategy, as well as being effective in building up traffic from the articles themselves.

    The fact that customers continue to submit thousands of articles month after month through our service, including hundreds of long-standing customers, offers some indication as to its continuing effectiveness!

    But we base our overall article marketing strategy on several years of experience with thousands of customers all over the world and current practice. In fact, we have several professional SEOs using our services on behalf of their own long-term clients.

    Article submissions are still one of the most effective tools for driving traffic to a website. The main things to keep in mind are building the quality of your website, creating valuable content both for your own site and for syndication purposes, and using your keywords appropriately in the article submissions.

    If you’d like to see testimonials, please go to this page and click “Reviews” at the bottom of the page:

    We’ve also received a lot of feedback from customers on our Squidoo lens here:

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