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Article Marketing Tip: Should An Article Contain Links?
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This is a pretty frequent question I get–as you’re writing your articles, is there ever a time when putting a link to a related resource would be appropriate? If so, how many links can you use?

Great question, and there are two answers to this question, depending on what type of submission you are doing.

I think this type of question mainly applies to a traditional article submission, but since we offer a non-traditional submission at (in the form of Naked Articles), I thought I’d better cover both options:

If You’re Using Naked Articles…

a) If you are a Gold Level member of and you’re using the Naked Articles tool, then you can put up to two links in your article that go back to your website.

In case you’re interested, here’s a PDF on How To Use Naked Articles

(Remember, Naked Articles are only sent to blog publishers, so it’s a little different than a traditional article submission.)

If you are creating Naked Articles, then you can ignore the “b” option below.

For A Traditional Article Submission

b) If you are doing a traditional article submission where you have a resource box submitted along with your article, then for maximum exposure of your article, it is generally recommended not to include links in your article body itself.

In those types of situations it is recommended to put links only within the resource box – a minority of publishers do not publish articles that contain links within the article body.

However, if you do wish to include links in your article body (and you are not creating a Naked Article), it is recommended that any such links:

  • Do not link to your own web site
  • Do not match any web site linked to the resource box
  • Are in context with and provide further value to the information provided in the article
  • Are not affiliate links
  • Do not otherwise benefit you as the author – i.e. the link should be of benefit to the reader of the article, rather than serve for your own benefit.
  • Appear after the first 3 full paragraphs of the article

The number of links should be appropriate to the article you are submitting, so you can get away with more links in a longer article. The purpose of having links in the article body is to provide crucial related information that would enhance the value of your article. If the it’s not absolutely essential that you link to another resource, then forego the link.

Really, as far as clicking goes, your main focus is to have your reader click the link(s) in your resource box. The more links you put on the page, the more distractions you create from your article and from the links in your resource box.

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