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Article Marketing Tip: Do You Need Title Suggestions?
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This post was updated in November 2012 to reflect a change to the Ezine Articles site and the location and use of the Title Suggestion Tool.

Don’t you love it when you’re just ambling around minding your own business and you inadvertently discover a gold mine of article ideas?

It doesn’t happen very often–most of the time I have to really concentrate and work hard to come up with a decent list of article topics.

If you’re like me and you can appreciate all the help you can get in coming up with new article ideas and effective titles, I have an article marketing tip that will make your life much easier: has a Title Suggestion Tool that rocks!

Here’s what’s so great about this tool:

1 – It helps you come up with ideas for articles. That in itself is a huge help, but there’s more.

2 – It helps you come up with keyword rich article titles.

=> A good keyword-rich article title will usually generate more article views, which in turn leads to more resource box clicks, which in turn leads to more website traffic.

=> Perhaps more importantly, a keyword rich title will help your article get more search engine traffic. If you can tap into the traffic potential of Google and the other search engines, then you can drastically increase the number of targeted visitors to your website.

Here’s another thing that is very helpful about this tool at

The title suggestions I’ve seen so far are keyword rich and good. Those two qualities together are not easy to come by.

I see tons of articles every day, and many titles that are based off of keywords leave something to be desired, to say the least. Many titles that are trying to be keyword rich don’t make much sense to a human reader, or else they aren’t descriptive and interesting enough to entice a human reader to want to read the article.

Writing a really good keyword rich article title is not that easy, and that is why this Title Suggestion Tool is so helpful.

Here’s how to get access to the Title Suggestion Tool:

Log into your Ezine Articles account and go to the article submission page. The title suggestion tool is incorporated in the “title field” of the article submission page.

On the article submission page, click on the title field, and there will be a box that says “Looking for title inspiration? Enter your keywords to find unique and optimized titles!”

Here’s how to use the Title Suggestion Tool:

It’s pretty simple: Just enter your keyword phrase.

If you have not done keyword research, then type in your main topic.

For example, let’s say that your website is about writing articles. All of your articles should be on that topic, and when you insert the keyword of “writing articles”, you get a list like this:

Doesn’t seeing this list of title suggestions help you generate ideas for new articles?

Pick your favorite titles and then write articles to satisfy the titles.

What do you think–will you use the Title Suggestion Tool at Ezine Articles?

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12 Responses to “Article Marketing Tip: Do You Need Title Suggestions?”

  1. Randy says:

    thanks for all you help. and all the info.

  2. Arnold says:

    It is a very good idea, but so far I don’t have problem submitting my articles to ezine, they usually approve them in less than 72 hours.
    As to the search engine, your title not only attention grabber but it should be 99% relevant to your article with unique content. If it is close to that you even wonder why you were able to generate rich keywords out of it and make your article land at the front page of the search engine.

  3. Ezine Article’s Title tool is great, but I think I’d rather use it for suggestions then come up with my own, unless of course it was the perfect title.

  4. It looks as though some titles are syndicated out more than others, and I am trying to work out what the key keywords are for this – there are obviously lots of auto content scripts that look for these phrases and ise them!

  5. Thanks Steve. Love it – excellent idea!

  6. Sarah K. says:

    Thank you for this list. I really need help looking for article titles. I’ve been using Helium’s title generator ( but each time I enter my keywords, I get 10 titles relevant titles max.

  7. richard says:

    I have used the title suggestion tool a lot over the last few months. The number of views of each article are a little bit (hit and miss). But, if you are looking for ideas for new material, it really is a good place to start.
    great article steve.
    As always.

  8. Glenn says:

    II have been using Ezine for quite sometime but never explored the various tools it has, thanks for bringing it to my notice.

  9. D says:

    Ezine no longer supports the same title suggestion tool as featured in this blog post. Also, their title suggestion system is limited to only the categories they allow you to select. Do you have another suggestion? Maybe it’s time for a new article / blog post on this topic?

  10. Steve Shaw says:

    @D: Hi D–Thanks for alerting me to that–this post has now been updated with the new instructions on how to use the title suggestion tool at Ezine Articles. It’s still there–it’s just in a different place, and now you don’t need to select a category. You can just type in a keyword and it will give you a list of title suggestions.

  11. I was searching at Google about article title suggestion and I saw this article. Funny because this suggestion is what I usually do at I was just trying to ask for more advices aside from, but yeah, this is indeed a very helpful suggestion. Ezine will give you a lot of title suggestions. I may not use all of what it suggested but it gives me ideas. I even sometimes revise the title.

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