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Article Marketing Tips: 9 Tips That Will Improve Your Writing
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Writers do all sorts of tricks to get the ball rolling with their writing and also to challenge themselves to develop their craft. It’s a constant work in progress, so if you’re new to writing articles and you’re struggling, you can take some comfort in knowing that even seasoned writers struggle.

I found a great site devoted to National Novel Writing Month (which is in November), and they had a list of reader submitted writing tips that I found very helpful. I thought some of the tips were very insightful, and I’d like to share a few with you, customized to free reprint article writing:

Writing Tip 1 – Just write.

Don’t worry about your spelling, word choice or grammar in your first drafts. Editing the article is something that you’ll do in a later stage of the writing process. If you try to do it when you’re first writing the article, it will just slow you down and make the writing process harder.

Writing Tip 2 – Try to write for 30 minutes a day.

Lots of times we think in terms of writing articles, rather than writing for a specific period of time. Maybe it would help to simply get in the habit of writing for a short period of time each day, rather than sitting down every once in a while to write a complete article.

Writing Tip 3 – Choose a writer whose work you really admire, and type or write a few pages of one of his or her works as a warm-up.

Mind you, this is a warm up, one that serves the purpose of getting your fingers more limber and your mind more flexible. You may even begin to sense the style and rhythm of this favourite writer, and that may rub off on you when you start to write your own original article.

Writing Tip 4 – Read your finished article.

That seems like an obvious piece of advice, but a lot of people rely on a spell checker or grammar checker to alert them to any problems with their articles. Â I just want to let you know that those programs, although sometimes helpful, are not reliable.

You must always read and review your final draft for spelling and grammar errors, rather than relying on automated spelling and grammar checkers.

Writing Tip 5 – Say what you need to say using as few words as possible.

This is where the editing stage comes in–removing unnecessary words is one of the goals of the editing process.

Writing Tip 6 – When you’ve finished your final draft, set it aside for a few days, then edit it.

Your ability to proofread and edit your article really is improved by taking a break and then coming back to the article.

Writing Tip 7 – Make your writing schedule realistic.

Have you ever sat down with the intention of writing 8 articles in one day? It may work for some (and I’ve tried it myself a few times), but that schedule is not a realistic one for most of us.

Writing Tip 8 – Before starting to write, ask yourself what your intention is with this article.

What lesson are you trying to teach? That conscious intention will serve as a beacon as you’re writing your article, and it will be much easier to make decisions about what information to include.

Writing Tip 9 – For anyone who uses MS Word in creating articles, this is worth looking into:

I’ve heard that Word has a speech feature that enables Word to “read” your article aloud, while you listen. This could be immensely helpful for editing purposes–hearing the computer voice read your article back to you should help you spot grammar issues and awkward phrasing. Â I don’t use Word, but if I did I would be all over this. The link above gives more information on that feature.

What are your writing tips? Do you have any special techniques that you use to create quality articles?

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12 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: 9 Tips That Will Improve Your Writing”

  1. Steve, great tips. Here’s another: If you don’t have a topic in mind, read other people’s blogs and find something that sparks your imagination and gives you a starting point. It appears that’s what the National Novel Writing Month post did for you.


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Diana,

    Great tip!That’s definitely a good one. :)

  3. Dr Prakash Moghe says:

    Steve, a good starter to break the `writer’s block’. I started writing regularly following an old maim of teaching `from known to unknown’. I first of all started replying all the mails properly in full length spellings, without abbreviations. Then I started creating mails on topics of my interest and kept writing as if I am sending it to someone. Now I write quite regularly ( I mean everyday, as once in year is also regular)

  4. Mo Yusuff says:

    I’ve just added the speech feature Steve, it’s amazing, thanks for that.

    Best wishes


  5. Great tips, Steve. While WORD is an excellent program for writing and editing articles, don’t forget to copy and paste your work to another program like Typepad before you postning to your blog or article directory like WORD has that nasty habit of transferring ‘hidden’ code that could cause problems later on.


  6. Sorry, article should read…”before posting”. Guess I forgot the most important step in article writing. Read, edit, read, and edit again until you’re 100% sure.


  7. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Yes, you can either copy and paste the article into a text editor and paste if into the article submission page from there, or on we have a “Paste From Word” tool that will change your article into plain text without the extra step. Good point–thank you!

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Mo,

    I’m so glad you use Word and are able to use the speech feature. I’m jealous… ;)

  9. Steve Shaw says:

    Dr. Moghe,

    That’s great–it’s a smart idea to build up your writing habits a little at a time, like you did.

  10. Thanks for the tips. Setting aside a block of time to write each day is a great idea.. and anyone doing article marketing needs to get it into a solid routine. Or, if you don’t write them yourself, set aside time to work with a writer to get them done by them.


  11. I love the service you provide in here, keep up the great work

  12. Shiful Alam says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I always try to write and edit simultaneously which take me so much time. While proofreading, I try to read the draft loudly which helps me find out the mistakes and odd sentence structures.

    I hope your tips will help me a lot as I’m almost new in this writing field.

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