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Article Marketing Tips: Beginner Resource Box Secrets Revealed!
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A few days ago I was in communicating with a person who was submitting his first article. He did fine with entering the title and article body, but he got hung up on the resource box. He didn’t know what it was or what he was supposed to enter in that field.

I think a lot of people who are completely new to article marketing run into that question. You think, “Sure, I’ll submit articles”, and you imagine that the only thing involved is an article.

For the sake of anyone who is brand spankin’ new to marketing with articles, I want to take some time to teach you what the resource box is and how to create one so you’ll know what to expect when you submit your first article.

What Is The Purpose Of The Resource Box?

It actually serves several purposes:

1 – It is a place where you can list your name.

This is helpful if you would like to always have your name associated with your articles. Listing your name or pen name also helps give the article credibility–it is nice for the reader if he or she can see that someone is taking ownership of the content. That will give them more confidence in the information that the article provides.

2 – It is the place where you can toot your own horn regarding your business and products.

You shouldn’t be bringing attention to your business or products in the article body, but you most certainly can in the resource box. In fact, that is one of the main purposes of the resource box–to give the author a chance to give more information about himself, and that includes his business and products.

3 – It is where you can try to inspire the reader to visit your website.

You will always include a link to your website in the resource box, but ideally you’ll go one step further and come up with some really compelling reason why the reader should click that link.

Maybe you have something special waiting for them at your website–a coupon, a free e-book, a newsletter that they can sign up for, etc. You will get more people clicking the link in your resource box and coming to your website if you have give them a reason to take that action.

By the way, you can include up to two links per resource box.

How Do You Make The Link In Your Resource Box?

With the article submission service, you’ll have two resource box fields. One is required, and the other is optional. The one that is required is the plain text resource box. This is a resource box that does not contain any HTML code. In this field, you can form the link by just typing in your full URL, such as

If you type your website address into the plain text resource box area, it will form a clickable link upon previewing the article. You don’t need to know any HTML or anything–you just need to know what your full website address is.

On there is an optional resource box that you can fill out–the HTML resource box. If you decide to create an HTML resource box, you  don’t need to know any HTML code. You just need to enter the text that you’d like to include in your resource box, and then hyperlink a word or phrase using the tools on the toolbar of the HTML resource box field.

As a reminder, some publishers will only let you have 3 words per link.

Please see this tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to create a HTML resource box.

How Do You Know If Your Links Really Work?

That is a very smart question–you should always test your links when you preview your article to be sure that they work. When you’re looking at the preview page of your article, just click the link(s) in the resource box, and if you are then taken to your website, then you know that the links are working.

You actually need to click the links to test that you’ve entered your website address correctly–you can’t tell just by looking at the link. It may be highlighted blue, but pointing to the wrong website address (if you made a typo when entering that information). So, by all means–preview your article and test your links!

To be extra sure that your links are working and that they will continue to work once they reach the publishers, take a look at this post:

5 Safeguards To Be Sure That Your Resource Box Links Work

We’ll go more in depth next time…

Those are the bare basics when it comes to resource boxes. There is still a little bit more to cover, and we’ll do that next time. We’ll also give you a chance to ask for help with the resource box you’ve already created

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