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Article Marketing Tips: Writing Article Conclusions That Make Readers Want More
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Be sure to cross the finish line with your article...

Are you ever unsure how to bring your articles to a close?

Do your articles sometimes abruptly cut off and leave the reader hanging?

When you are writing a list article, do you just end the article after the last list item?

Writing is hard work, and once you are almost to the finish line it is extremely tempting to skip the last part of your article–the conclusion.

You may figure that as long as the title and the majority of the article body is top-notch, that no one will notice a thrown together or non-existent concluding paragraph. That is just not the case. Every part of your article serves an important purpose, especially your conclusion.

The Purpose Of Your Article Conclusion

Wrap-up: Your conclusion serves the purpose of neatly wrapping up or summarizing the argument of your article.

Inspire action: It can also be used to help the reader apply the information that you have taught them in the article.

Question: Additionally, the conclusion can be used to stimulate the reader’s thinking and take the concepts that you’ve been covering in your article to a higher level.

How The Article Conclusion Can Be Used To Your Best Advantage

Here are some suggestions for making your concluding paragraph work for you:

Give a homework assignment: Sometimes I turn my concluding paragraph into a “homework” assignment. Other times I will list a series of specific action steps that the reader can do to apply the information that he has learned.

Encourage questions, discreetly. It may sound strange to ask the reader if they have any questions at the end of your article, but my thinking is that the article is a classroom, I am the teacher, and it seems perfectly logical to me to ask the class “Do you have any questions about how to do local business article marketing?” or some such question pertaining to my topic. I put my question as the last sentence of the article.

Some delicacy is required, because if you are not subtle with this tactic your article may be interpreted as being promotional. It is not appropriate to invite the reader to contact you in the article body (save that for the resource box), but I like to pose a discreet and subtle question at the end of an article sometimes.

Give a “call to action” at the end of the article. Ask an action oriented question, such as “Which of these tips will you use in your next article?” or “When will you make time this week to use the tips in this article to craft a strong resource box ?”

These questions are purposefully not “yes” or “no” questions–they require the reader to come up with a thoughtful answer.

Run Through The Finish Line

A running coach will always tell you–run through the finish line. Do not slow down or stop short, but run past the end of the race. That is what you should be doing with your article conclusion and what you are helping your readers to do when they are reading your article. You are helping your readers to run past the article and take the concepts that you’ve just taught them into their real lives.

What About You?

  • How can your article conclusions be better?
  • Which of these techniques will you try in your next article?
  • Do you have any additional ideas about how to use your article conclusion to your best advantage?

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: Writing Article Conclusions That Make Readers Want More”

  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I can’t hardly wait to use these methods to improve the effectiveness of my articles.

  2. Eddington says:

    You just nailed it, these are some really great tips. I think the advice that when you have written one, leave it for a day before you come back to it again for thorough editing.

    This way, you will be fresh, and your eye will be good for detail. But because we have the urge to get it done and over with we end updoing shabbily in a rush.

    I think a good point to take away is, if you are serious about getting people to read your article and most importantly get them to take action as a result – then you need to bear in mind that every part of your article counts. It’s worth giving it time.

  3. Shafee Ahmed Ko says:

    Well instructed.

    Thank you very much.

  4. chongyim says:

    Yes a good conclusion especially in affiliate marketing is a great way to entice action. This is an effective method in monetizing your website or blog.

  5. Paul Bursey says:

    Well done Steve another excellent article.

    This type of article does make you think about your own articles and how you might want them to appear to your readers.

    It is superb information not only for the newbie but for experienced article writers of all levels.

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