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Article Marketing Tips: Conquering Procrastination and Other Enemies of Creativity!
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If you could list just one major “enemy” that stands in the way of you writing articles consistently each month, what would it be?

Some people may have a legitimate lack of time, while others may lack the writing skills to create articles.

I think more of us, though, fall prey to the culprit of procrastination.

As much as I’ve done it in my own life, I have come to accept the following facts about procrastination:

  1. Procrastinating uses up more energy than actually doing the thing you’re avoiding! It is actually stressful and tiring to put off doing something that you know you need to do.
  2. You can’t procrastinate forever–sooner or later you have to do the dreaded task. So, procrastination is only avoiding the inevitable.
  3. Procrastination kills self-confidence. It’s basically the same as running away–you run away from something you don’t feel up to dealing with. It sends a message to yourself that “I can’t handle this”, which makes you less likely to even want to try to handle it.

How’s all that for a downer? We’ll let’s flip it around and look at it from a more encouraging angle…

Tackling a task (like writing articles) that you’ve been dreading has the following pay offs:

  1. You make the most use of your time and mental and physical energy. I’ve noticed this when I tackle a hard project first thing in the morning (rather than letting it wait until the afternoon or evening). I get it done, and I feel energized by having accomplished it.
  2. You face your fears, and you build self-confidence. It’s hard to think that something inanimate might bring about a feeling of fear in us, but it does when you think of it. Ever been afraid to go into your office because your desk is so messy? By facing what you’ve been avoiding, you pop the fear balloon. In your heart, you think, “I did it!” and your confidence gets a boost.
  3. You get some forward momentum going, which will help you in moving your business forward too. If there are things you know you need to do to help you business (such as submitting articles for your marketing efforts), it is hard to move forward when you know you’re not doing those things. But get things moving and underway, and your mind is free to take the next step in advancing your business.

Here’s an encouraging fact:

Procrastination is a learned habit–it is not a part of who you are. You can stop procrastinating by adopting some different behaviors.

Some people are worse about it than others, but I think that we all fall prey to putting off until tomorrow what we know we should be doing today. When I’m having trouble writing, I can put my finger on the culprit–I’ve just plain been putting off writing.

I have been writing articles consistently for years and years, so you know I have found a way to get around the temptation to procrastinate. I thought it might be helpful to share some of my the things I do to get myself back on track and also some ways for coming up with article ideas (not knowing what to write about is a major reason people procrastinate).

I’ll save that for next time, but for now I’d love to know what your take on this is–

Do you find procrastination to be a problem in getting your articles written each month? How do you get around it?

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