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Article Marketing Tips: Do You Need Help With Your Resource Box?
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Last time I wrote an 800 word post explaining the basics about resource boxes–and I didn’t even cover everything.

Now, considering how much information I gave about the topic, guess how long your actual resource box is.

Any ideas?

It’s a mere 450 characters at most. (Characters, mind you–not words!)

It’s small. It’s basically 2 or 3 sentences. Why does something that is so short merit so much discussion?

It is the very smallness of the resource box that makes having a strategy necessary. Whenever you’re given such a restrictive character limit, it will usually take longer to create than if there were no limits at all. You have a lot of very important information to get into that small amount of space, so you need to think carefully about each word that you choose.

Resource Box Rehab…Revisited!

A while back we did a “Resource Box Rehab Lab” on this blog where you shared your resource boxes with me, and then I gave feedback, pointers and congratulations where appropriate.

We’re going to do that again, and I really hope you take advantage of  this opportunity. This is a chance for some of you to get a resource box makeover–I may use your resource box as an example in a future post on this blog and show how to tweak it to get the maximum benefit.

I may also use your resource box in a future post on this blog as an example for others to follow.

Even the most experienced article marketer can benefit from a second opinion. Also, by seeing other people’s resource boxes, you may be inspired with some new ideas for your own.

For a limited time only…

The New Resource Box Rehab Lab will be open for a limited amount of time–it starts today Thursday, September 27, 2012 and will remain open for two weeks only. The last day I’ll be looking at the entries is Thursday, October 11, 2012.

Now, just leave your resource box in the comments of this post. I look forward to reading each and every one!

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6 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: Do You Need Help With Your Resource Box?”

  1. Jon Gould says:

    Resource box
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  4. Sid Warner says:

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  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @Jon Gould: John, your resource box looks great! I wouldn’t change a thing.


    @Virginia Castleman: Hi Virginia,

    Thanks so much for sharing that resource box. It’s perfectly respectable, but I think it can become stellar with a few tweaks.

    One thing you might consider is removing the email address–usually we don’t advise directing the reader to take the action of sending an email, but rather all the effort is spent in trying to get the reader to visit the website. Then, at the website there should be some obvious way to contact you, such as via email or phone or via an online contact form.

    I like that you included a statistic (61% more profits). I would see if you can get more specific with your resource box lure and maybe word things in a way that grabs the reader’s attention more.

    Give me a chance to look over your website and I’ll see if I can help you brainstorm some ideas for your resource box.


    @Gerri D Smith: Hi Gerri,

    Thanks so much for sharing your resource box. You know, one of the hardest things about the resource box is the character count–most publishers will accept up to 450 characters (with spaces) max. So, one big challenge is to keep the character count under that.

    Your very well-written and descriptive resource box is a bit too long, with 707 characters and spaces. Trimming it would make your article submission be acceptable to more publishers.

    Also, I think you could have a more compelling lure–the lure is the book, which sounds very interesting, but what might be more attention getting is a sample of the book, say the first chapter or so. It’s a bit of a taster, and a chance to get the reader hooked into your story. Sometimes that is more effective than describing the book in depth–let the reader read a little bit of it.

    You could actually turn that into a great reason for the reader to give you their email address–they go to your website, and they give you their email address so that you can send them the “sample” of your book via email. This is a method for building a newsletter list, and it can be quite effective.

    I’m not sure if you have a newsletter or not, but you might consider having one that you send out occasionally to your readers, to keep in touch and develop a rapport with them. That would make it much more likely for people to take the next step to actually buy your book. People might not do that on the first visit to your website, but the more comfortable they feel with you, the more likely they will purchase your product.

    @Sid Warner: Hi Sid,

    I like that it gives a very clear and compelling reason to visit your website. The free e-book comes across as being valuable and would no doubt inspire people to not only visit your website but also give their email address to get that free ebook.

    There is just one thing missing….biographical information. The resource box is in its essence an author bio. What makes the author such an authority on this topic?

    You might try to balance the sales aspect of your resource box with a little biographical information about yourself. That helps the reader have confidence in you and it also lends to the credibility of the information in the article. There are also some publishers who really do require that the resource box contain at least some biographical information, or else they decline the article. They just don’t want to see a resource box that’s 100% sales oriented. So, adding bio info is worth the effort!

    @LawrenceReaves: I like how you clearly say what your specialty is–repairing relationships. You could use a more compelling “lure” to get readers to click the link in your resource box though.

    When I visit your website, I see that you already have a compelling reason for people to visit your site–your site says:

    “Grab your free copy of ‘How To Make This Year THE year!’–Now!”

    And then you have box where people can enter their name and email so that they can receive that free e-book.

    Here’s an idea for an alternate resource box, and I didn’t come up with any of this–you did. This is all information I found at your website:

    Dr. Lawrence Reaves, MA, DD; enjoys helping people learn how to achieve success through the strategies and tips he shares in his articles. Are you struggling to live the life of success that you know you deserve but never arrive at that destination? You can find the way to success by grabbing your FREE copy of “How To Make This Year THE Year” report here:

    Lawrence, as I was adapting the info from your website to suit your resource box, I noticed that the original focus of your work (repairing relationships) is not reflected in that free e-book you offer. The focus of the e-book does not appear to be relationship repair, so I thought it would be confusing to state that your specialty is relationship repair, and based on that the reader should go to your site and get an e-book that is on a different topic.

    If your focus really is on repairing relationships and your articles are about the same topic (as they should be, if that is your chosen specialty), then it would be a much more effective “lure” to offer an e-book on that topic, rather than one on achieving success in life.

    You can use the content from your articles to put together an e-book on your topic, and then offer that free e-book on your website.

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