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Article Marketing Tips For Beginners
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Article Submission Tips For BeginnersI am purposely keeping the resources on this page to a minimum, because I know that when you’re first starting out, having too much information can be as debilitating as not having enough!

My goal here is to offer you enough info to get started, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed.

Still, there’s a lot of info here–Don’t feel like you need to read this all at one sitting.

Skip around to the bits you are most interested in, and you can come back to this page at any time as you need more information.

Submitting Articles To

The Super-Duper, Ultimate, Explicitly Spelled Out Guide For How To Submit Your First Article – you might want to print this off or bookmark this resource, because it goes over every field in the Enter Your Article page, and when you’re first getting started you might have a few “what is this for” type of questions.

What Is Article Marketing?

3 Big Reasons Why Small Business Owners Use Article Marketing – even if your small business is in the “real world” and not entirely online, you need to accomplish a few objectives internet-wise in order to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that the web offers. This resource explains the 3 main reasons why small business owners use article marketing.

The Ultimate Guide To Article Marketing – this is our Squidoo lens. It gives an overview of what Article Marketing is and how to do it. Lots of information on this resource.

Getting Started:

The #1 Reason Why Article Marketing Fails – if there is one post on this blog that you need to read, this is it. Article Marketing is not complicated–it is extremely simple and you may be surprised at the most common reason it ‘doesn’t work’.

5 Things To Do Before Your Start Article Marketing – for anyone who has just started doing article marketing, or is on the verge of starting, or who is considering starting, I’ve got 5 tips for you that will make your life easier.

How To Get Your Article Accepted On The First Try! covers 9 of the most frequent reasons for articles being declined by publishers.

Article Writing:

The Fastest, Easiest Way To Write Your First Article…Starting From Square One – a step-by-step guide for writing an article, starting with coming up with a topic and ending and going through writing and submitting your article.

How To Write Articles For A Product Based Website – probably the most popular article on this site. This is a resource that teaches people with product based websites (sales oriented websites) how to choose effective article topics and to write in a non-promotional way.

Article Titles:

How To Give Your Article Curb Appeal – explains why the article title is so important, and outlines 7 ideas for creating titles that will catch a reader’s eye.

Resource Boxes:

How To Write A Resource Box – a great little guide for writing a strong basic resource box. Tells you all the elements you need to include.

3 Secret Tricks For Luring Readers Back To Your Website – a strategy for enticing readers to click the link in your resource box and go back to your website (which is the what you’re after!)

7 Effective Resource Box Lures – a collection of “lures”–enticements you can use in your own resource box to help lure readers to your website.

Avoid Broken Links: 5 Safeguards For Your Resource Box Links – tells you 5 ways to be sure that your resource box links work. You should read this at least once.

Article Topics:

How To Never Run Out Of Topics To Write About – 5 methods for creating new article topic ideas.

Article Writing Formats:

The ‘HowTo’ and the ‘List’ articles are an article writer’s bread and butter. I encourage you to read these resources and start creating your own ‘HowTo’ and ‘List’ articles.

5 Steps To Writing A Killer ‘How To’ Article – explains why ‘How To’ articles are so attractive to readers and outlines 7 steps for creating a ‘How To’ article, starting with your article topic.

How To Write A Great List Article – list articles are some of the easiest articles to write. This post goes step-by-step over how to create a list article, starting with brainstorming article topic ideas that would work well in a list form.


How To Create A Monthly Article Writing Schedule – guide for creating a writing schedule, which makes it much easier to get your momentum going and stay ‘in the groove’. Also covers how I personally brainstorm topics for my articles.

Can I Do An Article Series?

The answer is “yes”, but not in the way that you’re probably thinking. If you are at all tempted to write an article series, please read these resources first (and this is a series, listed in order):

What To Do If You’re Itching To Write An Article Series

What Harry Potter Taught Me About Writing An Article Series

3 Reasons Why Writing An Article Series Can Simplify Your Life

How To Launch An Article Series From One Lonely Article

10 Ways To Sabotage Your Article Marketing Efforts

This is a series I wrote on the top 10 mistakes that people make and how to fix them.

10 Ways to Sabotage Your Article Marketing…and What to Do About It!

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  1. Wow! It’s an amazing source of information for the newbies who want to start article marketing. Have you thought about rewriting it into an ebook? It’s worth doing it.
    Just a recommendation …

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Rahman,

    Thank you for the suggestion–we do have a few e-books sort of on this topic, but you are right that it would be nice to have one just for beginners.

    I’ll see about putting that together….

  3. Ricardo A. says:

    What a tremendous resource for those starting out and teaching themselves!

    I appreciate the fact that they’re also arranged into categories for easy reference.

    Many thanks!

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    I am beginer internet marketing. And has made 9 articles of enzinearticles, what the program from submitarticle that can help me so the people visited my website

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    I am a beginer small business in internet . This is an amazing source of information for the newbies who want to start article marketing

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