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Article Marketing Tips For Newbies – What is the Purpose of Writing an Article?
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If you are new to article marketing and find yourself wondering questions that you feel like no one else is wondering, breathe easy!

You can do article marketing without understanding some of the most elementary aspects.

I receive questions all the time asking for article marketing tips, and one really simple thing that some people just don’t understand is the purpose of writing articles.

They have pieced together that there is some type of benefit to their website or their business, but they are just not sure what those benefits are.

There are 3 main purposes for writing free reprint articles…

1 – To provide helpful information to your target market.

Your “target market” is the group of people who are your potential customers. They are the group of people who have the greatest likelihood of enlisting your services or buying your products. When you are writing articles, you are writing specifically for your target market.

This means that all of your articles will be on your general topic, and you will write about things that will help your readers. You should focus on teaching people something that they need to know and that will benefit their lives in some way (while having to do with your general topic).

This purpose cannot be overlooked–if you drop the ball on this, you will not see the results your looking for with article marketing.

2 – To establish your expertise.

Your articles will be appearing all over the internet and showing up in results lists when people Google phrases associated with your articles. Also, when people Google your name, a list of your articles will appear.

Why would you want to become known as an expert in your field? The more that people know and trust you, the more likely they are to buy your products and enlist your services.

3 -Last but not least, when you’re submitting articles for article marketing, your goal is to build links to your website.

Building links is one of the ways that you can improve your website’s search engine ranking. You build links when your articles are republished–each time your article is republished, your resource box with a link to your website will also be republished.

At, we have a lot of tools that help you create links that give you the most bang for your buck:

There’s the Advanced HTML resource box where you can use your keywords as anchor text for your link(s).

There’s Naked Articles, which allows you to place links to your website in the article body using keywords as anchor text. These Naked Articles are delivered to the blog publishers on our distribution network, so they have the potential of landing on very niche specific sites and they look like a regular blog post.

ArticleTrickle allows you to “trickle” your article distribution over the course of anywhere from 2 to 90 days, allowing you to create a very organic and natural link building profile. So, if you “trickle” your article, your article will be sent out to only a few publishers a day and the distribution will complete in the time frame that you specify. This is beneficial where search engines are concerned.

And finally, there are Standard ArticleLeverage (Silver & Gold Level) and Advanced ArticleLeverage (Gold Level only). You can create variations or spins for your resource box (as well as your article), allowing you to target several keyword terms in several different resource boxes for each article that you submit. This also affords you the opportunity to do some deep linking to different pages on your site.

If you’re not sure what links are, this post will be helpful to you:

What are links and how do you get them?

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8 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips For Newbies – What is the Purpose of Writing an Article?”

  1. Nadia says:

    Thank you Steve for the great content and absolutely amazing tips.
    You are a great resource for every business owner who wants to be visible and successful.


  2. Ramachandran says:

    Quite interesting and informative.

  3. Mark Demers says:

    Why is article trickle so beneficial . One would think that the sooner your article is republished the better , no?

    You always have the best content here, I love to read your posts.

    Thank , Have a Great Day!

  4. Think Green says:


    Very easy and informative guide,

    Its great idea to guide your member about how to write and submit article, some website giving guide to their member and you are one of them ,

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Mark Demers: Hi Mark,

    The benefit of ArticleTrickle is that you are building links gradually, in a way that looks more organic to search engines.

    When submitting automatically, your article goes to a large number of publishers. If tons of links show up all of a sudden, it could set off some red flags with search engines. So, you always want to take a long term perspective–the goal is not to build links fast. It is to build links gradually and consistently over time.

    What I advise is undertaking a long-term article submission campaign which gradually increases links on a more consistent basis over time. If you do that, your results are more likely to be positive.

    I recommend spacing out your submissions and not submitting truckloads of articles all at once, as some publishers don’t appreciate that, and also, a sudden upsurge in links could hurt your SEO, and would be damaging to long-term traffic trends.


  6. Greg Mack says:

    This is great information to find while searching the web. It is websites like this that provide great information to a public that needs to know the truth.

  7. Infoway LLC says:

    Fantastic article Steve! Very promising ideas about purposes for writing free reprint articles.You have wonderfully gathered up all the latest informative resources and presented before us.
    Super like for all the points, especially “when you’re submitting articles for article marketing, your goal is to build links to your website”, as Building links is one of the ways that we can improve your website’s search engine ranking.

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