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Article Marketing Tips: Getting Ready for the “Wake Up & Write!” Challenge
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We’re just around the corner from the “Wake Up & Write!” challenge that I told you about last time. This is an experiment where we will be taking a cue from many professional writers who schedule their writing time early in the morning.

We are taking a one month challenge, starting Monday, April 23 where we wake up early in the morning and write first thing. You can see the details of the challenge at the link above.

Some of you early risers may take to this challenge quite naturally, but others of us need a little help and coaching!

If you’re doing the challenge (and I hope you are), here are some tips for learning to write early in the morning:

1 – Decide what time you’ll wake up ahead of time.

I know how it goes–it’s far too easy to tell yourself that you’ll wake up early on your own, but I think you’ll need to set a definite time to wake up and set your alarm to take this experiment seriously.

2 – Go to bed earlier the night before.

This is just practical–it will be easier to get up earlier than you’re used to if you will give yourself extra rest the night before. If you’re waking up an hour earlier than you usually do, try to go to bed an hour earlier the night before.

3 – Decide your writing topic the day before.

The most daunting part of any writing project is coming up with a topic. Take some time the night or day before your writing session and decide what you’ll write about. That way, you can just sit down at your desk and begin writing.

Here’s another idea–this week brainstorm a list of writing topics, enough for the whole month. Then, the day before your writing session you just need to select one of the topics.

If you’re not sure what to write about, here are some ideas:

Top 25 Article Topic Ideas

7 Best Article Templates

And here are a collection of posts on How To Find Article Topics

4 – Do your research the afternoon or night before.

If you need to gather any information prior to your writing session, do so beforehand. On your writing day, the goal is to just sit down and write with minimal distractions. If you need to search for information online, chances are you will get distracted, so do so the day before!

5 – Prepare an outline.

I’m not talking about one of those rigid formal outlines with Roman numerals and such–the outline I’m referring to is just your basic information that you’d like to cover in your article. It can be messy and disorganized, but the point is that you have collected crucial bits of information that you’d like to include in your article so that you can just sit down and write at the appropriate time rather than trying to think of what info to include. Here is more information on creating an outline.

6 – Plan a writing ritual.

Many professional writers use a “writing ritual” to help them transition into writing mode. This can be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. Or maybe yours will involve taking a shower. This ritual will help you go from sleepy mode, to wakey mode, to writing mode.

7 – Sit down and write.

  • Have your writing program open–by writing program, I mean Word, or Google docs or whatever you compose your articles in. The less hunting around you have to do when you sit down at your computer, the better.
  • Don’t open your email. It is too tempting to do a “quick check” with email, and then before you know it an hour has passed. Just don’t go there–stay away from email.
  • The same with the internet in general–leave Facebook, Twitter, and any online searching for later. Your objective is to focus on your writing.

8 – Plan a reward for yourself.

Your reward may be allowing yourself to check email or hang out on Twitter or Facebook for a while. Or it may be something like eating that blueberry muffin you picked up the day before and saved for this special morning.

Or it just may be that the accomplishment you feel from writing the article (or at least getting a good start at writing an article) is reward enough.

For the rest of your day, you can bask in that achievement. You’ve taken on a challenge, and you’ve met it.

It’s a great feeling–I’m looking forward to Monday, April 23 when we start our “Wake Up & Write!” challenge! Are you?

If you haven’t already, sign up by leaving a comment on the original Wake Up & Write! post.

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