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Article Marketing Tips: How Do You Capture Article Ideas?
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When you start doing article marketing, you’ll find that you’re always trying to think of ideas for article topics.

The best part is that once you start writing articles, the very act of writing will give you a lot more ideas on what to write about in the future.

You’ll also find ideas popping into your head when you’re doing completely different things–for example, taking a shower, mowing the grass, taking your kids to school, or making dinner!

The important point is that you need a way to capture these ideas for the future, so that when you come to write your next article, you’ll have a ready stack of ideas to choose from and you won’t have to sit there struggling to think of something to write.

(If you outsource your writing, you can simply pass any ideas that come to you along to whoever you’re working with.)

Here are 6 ideas for capturing article topic ideas:

  1. Keep a notepad and pen on your person at all times, for example in your back pocket or purse. When an idea comes up, scribble it down.
  2. Call your own voicemail–this is a quick and easy method that many people use. Just call your own voicemail, leave your idea, and then ‘collect’ it later.
  3. Have an ‘ideas’ folder in your filing system, where ideas captured from other sources can be collated and where you can drop other ideas in as they come to you. For example, when you pick up your voice messages, if one of those is an idea for an article, just note it down and drop it in your folder.
  4. If you have a blog, you can quickly jot down a title and a few notes about your article idea, and then save it as a draft. That’s a simple way to electronically capture your ideas.
  5. You use a draft email to hold your list of article ideas. Just start an email that lists your ideas, and save it as a draft. Each time you come up with a new idea, add it to your draft email. Remove the ideas as you use them.
  6. You can go the old fashioned route–keep an ‘idea list’ on your desk or taped to a wall in your office. When you sit down to write, look over your list of ideas, select one, and then mark it off when you’ve written an article on that topic.

When an idea comes to you, you’ll often be able to think of thee or four main points you want to cover–capture these too. These brief notes will be infinitely helpful to you when you finally sit down to work on writing the article, as it will jog your memory as to what you were thinking when you came up with the idea.

If you outsource your content creation, once a month you could also pass along all the ideas that come to you, and your writer would then be able to research them further and flesh them out as necessary.

What about you?

How do you keep track of your article ideas?

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4 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: How Do You Capture Article Ideas?”

  1. Mark Demers says:

    If I`m away from my computer I jot the ideas I get on my cigarette package and when I return home I add them to my notepad in a file my computer`s desktop. This way I have easy access to them and I can add to them quite easily.
    I constantly think of Ideas and at the moment I have about 8 articles which are just waiting to be written.

  2. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,

    Personally I can`t wait for the day that I have so many ideas that I find myself grappling around trying to find someway to keep them them safe!

    All 6 of the above have their obvious time & place that they could be used. As a professional driver who spends far too much time on the roads I find a dictaphone very useful!

    One thought that was racing through my mind while I was reading this article was having safed the article(s) what next? Is it to be used very soon or kept for when that particular subject becomes hot?

    How do you safe your articles Steve & how do you safe them……by date or subject?

    Thank you, take care

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  4. [...] you do if you’re running around town and suddenly inspiration strikes? This article offers 6 article marketing tips to help you capture these ideas so that you don’t lose [...]

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