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Article Marketing Tips – How to Anticipate The Needs Of Your Target Market
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It was a beautiful, overcast rainy day the other day, the kind where you just want to curl up in front of the fireplace with a book. I was out and about though, and when I walked into a particular store I noticed a display case of umbrellas right at the entrance of the store.

“Very clever,” I thought. “I bet they bring out that display case whenever there is the chance of rain, and especially when it’s raining. People forget their umbrellas all the time, and umbrellas on a rainy day must be an easy sale.”

When I though further on that, I realized that there were other places in the store that maximized sales based on anticipating the needs of the customer.

For example, in the baking isle next to the cake mixes there is a little display case of birthday candles. How many times have you bought a birthday cake or made one for someone, only to forget the candles? It’s happened to me more than once! When the store puts the candles right next to the cakes it is a surefire way to capitalize on an anticipated need.

Did you know that you can show the same proactive provision of information when creating your free reprint articles? Here are a few ways to think ahead and plan for what your readers will need:

Start at the beginning…

Beginners need very basic information, probably more basic than you would imagine. I think a lot of writers overlook the very elementary parts of their niche because they assume that “everyone knows that already”.

What would you think if you found out that everyone does not know about your topic already, that there are many people who have questions about very basic concepts associated with your niche?

Sometimes when you hear someone ask about something really basic the tendency is to quickly answer and dismiss the question. I would like you to take the opposite approach–camp out on the basics. Cover the very basic information associated with your niche backwards, forwards and sideways.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed after many years of teaching people about article marketing is that you can write an article on a particular topic, and some people will still be confused even after the issue has been explained in detail.

There are a variety of reasons for this:

1 – People learn in different ways.

2 – Sometimes it can take circling a topic from several different angles before the concept actually “sinks in”.

From my experience, it is not enough to teach the basics in just one way or just one time. I’m not talking about submitting the same article more than once or even re-writing previous articles you’ve written.

I’m talking about the need to take a very basic topic in your niche and write completely different articles based on it. Some topics will be recurring for you–you’ll never be able to mark them off your list of possible article topics, because there will always be a need to explain them in a new way.

Don’t forget the hard parts…

The basics of your niche are perennial fodder for articles. So are the more complicated aspects of your niche, the topics that are essential building blocks that people tend to get intimidated by or tripped up on.

In the niche of article marketing the concept of “keywords” is one that I find myself explaining again and again. Each time I explain it, I want to break it down further and further so that all the information is as easily digestible as possible. I make it a goal to teach the topic in different ways, using different examples and metaphors–anything to teach the knowledge in a new way that might strike home with someone.

You can do the same with your articles–What concepts in your niche are difficult to understand? In what new way can you teach that hard-to-understand subject matter?

What are the major challenges your readers face?

Believe it or not, psychology and empathy play major roles in the article creation process. It’s not enough just to teach the facts–you also need to consider what other types of challenges your readers may be facing in learning about your niche.

Just as an example, I find that people who are learning about website marketing and article marketing also face challenges with staying motivated, feeling inspired, getting frustrated, sticking with it, and sometimes confidence that the knowledge they possess is something that others can benefit from.

Some writers lack confidence because they don’t have a great knowledge of their niche yet. They need a different type of encouragement and instruction than someone who is a veteran in their field.

The same is likely true in your own field. You will have many different readers from different backgrounds and at different levels of skill and development, but if you listen to your readers there will be some common challenges that they face that you can help them with in your articles. It’s all about paying attention and anticipating what your readers need.

Speaking of which…

The idea of anticipating the needs of your customers is also very useful when it comes to business. For example, video marketing is increasingly becoming an effective supplemental way to market a website, in addition to article marketing. Knowing this, at we provide you the opportunity to have a video made based on your submitted article.

So, the work you put into creating the article does double duty–you end up with a free reprint article (which we distribute widely), as well as a professionally made video based on the article which you can use in your video marketing activities.

Here are a few examples of the video marketing videos based on some of my own free reprint articles. This video marketing creation service is available to clients of–after submitting your article you’ll be given the opportunity to have your article turned into a video either with or without professional voice over.

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips – How to Anticipate The Needs Of Your Target Market”

  1. Excellent article. “Anticipated need” for an offline business, or one selling physical products online, is similar to “upsells” and other add-ons for an online, digital-product business.


  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Thank you, Neil. That’s very true about the upsells and add-ons.

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