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Article Marketing Tips: How To Teach Hard Topics
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Have you ever felt like you’ve written about every possible topic associated with your niche that you can imagine?

That’s a common complaint I hear (and I’ve experienced it myself too!), but after writing on the same niche for many years now, I have come to think about things differently:

Limited topics, limitless articles.

I think that there are certain topics that we need to teach repeatedly in new ways. So, it’s not a matter of coming up with a new topic for each article. Rather it’s a matter of coming up with a new way of teaching an essential subject that readers are confused about. In a few recent posts, I’ve covered how to write on the same topic in new and different ways. You may wish to check out those other posts after reading this one. (I’ll give links at the end of this post.)

Overlooked Or Underappreciated Topics

I also think that many of us may be just plain wrong when we come to the conclusion that we’ve written about every aspect of our niche.

I talk to people who write articles for article marketing every day. They may have been faithfully creating articles on a consistent basis for months or years, but it’s quite common for a writer to either skip over or avoid certain topics in his or her niche.

We either think the topic is too big and complicated (aren’t confident in our ability to teach it), or we assume that the topic is too basic, small and uninteresting (to us) to merit covering it in an article.

We’ve already talked about how it is absolutely essential to cover those really basic, elementary topics backwards, forwards, and sideways. This time we’ll be talking about the opposite end of the spectrum–writing articles that teach more advanced topics.

How To Teach A Hard Topic

I’ve got 5 tips for you that strike at the heart of teaching advanced and challenging topics. It goes without saying that the people you are teaching probably are not familiar with the topic, so you need to have a little strategy when teaching it.

Article Marketing Tip #1: Break It Down

You may be a little intimidated about teaching the more advanced topic. Where in the world do you begin? How can you make it make sense to a newcomer?

It may help to write down everything you know on this more advanced topic and break it down into steps of knowledge as best you can.

For example, when I’m teaching people about keyword research, the first step of knowledge is explaining what a keyword is. The next step may be explaining how keywords can help you in your articles. That’s actually a rather big topic in itself and has multiple “steps of knowledge” in it.

The point I’m making is that if you’re trying to teach a hard or advanced topic, then it likely has several layers of knowledge that you need to convey, rather than trying to cover it all at once in one article.

A good approach would be to break the topic down as far as possible and cover the different parts in different articles.

Article Marketing Tip #2: Give The Topic Context

A person may not even know that this more advanced topic in your niche exists. I could write about “keywords” all day long, but if the reader who is already doing article marketing has no idea why he should be interested in that topic, then he will just pass it by. You need to start with something that the reader already knows to give the more advanced topic context.

It might be as simple as providing a little background information so that someone who sees your article on the more advanced topic knows the context. He or she might be ready to take the step to the next level of knowledge, or not.

Article Marketing Tip #3: Take Feedback Seriously

If the advanced topic that you’re covering is complicated and essential to your niche, chances are that you routinely get questions or feedback on that topic. That information is great at helping you to approach that topic from new angles.

Any time you get a question from someone who has received your information or teaching on that topic, note where there is still confusion. These questions may come from customers, from blog comments, or from people who you talk to in person. Really listen to the questions that people ask you about that topic, and then create articles that satisfy those questions.

Article Marketing Tip #4: KISS

You know what KISS means, right? “Keep it simple, stupid”. The idea is that systems (and teachings) work best if they are designed (or presented) in the simplest way possible.

When you’re writing about an advanced topic, it’s tempting to let your vocabulary or teaching method get complicated. However, you have to assume that your readers may not know your industry jargon or every advanced concept in your niche.

The solution? Write about your advanced topic using basic language that a beginner can understand.

Article Marketing Tip #5: Be A Cheerleader

There are some subjects that are intimidating to people, and although your readers could really benefit from learning the more advanced concepts, they may be reluctant to try simply because of fear of failing or fear that it’s just too far over their heads.

There is an emotional aspect of learning, and if we feel like we have the support of our teacher, like he or she believes that we can learn and is committed to coming up with new ways that get the information across, then we relax and are more likely to learn.

As the teacher (the article writer), part of your job is to encourage your reader to tackle the harder topics in your niche and be sensitive to their fears. Empathize with them, remembering what you felt like when you were at their level of learning.

We’ll talk more about how to use psychology and empathy to come up with article topics next time.

For now though, let me ask you:

What concepts in your niche are difficult to understand?

In what new way can you teach that hard-to-understand subject matter?

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