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Article Marketing Tips: How To Use Free Reprint Articles
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You may have wondered, “What happens to my article after it gets published somewhere. How do people use it?”

Your articles may serve more purposes than you even imagined.

Free reprint articles are life savers for publishers–they provide knowledgeable and helpful information, and the content is free of charge. That’s a great deal considering that content is king on the internet, and website owners absolutely need to have worthwhile content on their sites in order to attract visitors.

The only thing that the publisher needs to make sure to do is to publish the article as it was written (not making any changes) and include your author resource box in full with active links.

This resource box is your (the author’s) “payment”. It is where you are credited and where you have a chance to draw attention to your website. You are marketing your website, and the resource box is the spot that allows the article to generate traffic that leads to your website.

Why Do Publishers Need Your Articles?

You may wonder–why don’t these publishers just write their own articles? Well, some don’t have the time or the inclination, or writing just might not be their “thing”. They may also have a website that is on a topic where their knowledge is limited or where they would just like to get a deeper pool of information and opinions circulating.

Some publishers like to have multiple writers for their sites, because they think it adds to the value. You get different points of view, different writing styles, different article topics, which can make things more interesting for the viewer. Â In that case, they need help with the content.

Publishers who don’t feel like writing their own content can turn to a writer who is an expert in his or her field (that would be you!) and use the free reprint articles that you create to provide helpful content on their websites.

Here’s how publishers use free reprint articles:

1 – Your free reprint articles supplement their blog content.

One thing that’s crucial with a blog is to publish regularly updated information. Many blog owners struggle to generate enough content for their sites, so it’s a relief to discover that they can publish free reprint articles.

Blogs will often be “niche specific”, meaning that they are on a more narrow topic than a regular article directory. So, instead of being about everything under the sun, a blog might be about designer handbags, or German Shepherd dogs, or tennis.

Getting published on a very niche specific site is helpful to you as the author, for several reasons. For one thing, the more specific the site, the more targeted the readership of the site. If you are marketing a website on designer handbags, and your articles get published on a blog that is also about designer handbags, you know that the people who are looking at that site are automatically interested in your topic.

Additionally, getting published on a site that is similar in topic to your own site makes the link(s) in the resource box more meaningful from an SEO perspective. Google and the other search engines value links from websites that are related in topic, because that gives context to the link(s).

2 – Your free reprint articles get published on traditional websites.

Even static traditional websites need to have some content on them to attract readers. It’s not enough just to have an “About” page and a “Contact” page. That’s why owners of traditional websites will sometimes make use of free reprint articles to add some “meat” to the content of their site. Your articles are used as a source of knowledge on a specific topic.

3 -Your article gets published on ezines.

This is a fun one–did you know that every time you distribute an article it has the chance of getting selected to appear in an ezine (email newsletter)?

Depending on how many people are subscribed to the ezine, you can get a large onslaught of traffic after the ezine is sent out. This has happened to me before–if you’re a person who checks your website traffic on a regular basis, it is a thrill to see your traffic jump sky high overnight!

Ezines are also very niche specific, so the traffic that you receive from them is highly likely to be people who are already interested in your website topic.

Here’s a resource you’ll enjoy– 4 Perks To Being Published In An Ezine

Your Articles Serve A Purpose

These are the 3 big ways that your articles are used, but there are other less traditional ways too. I’ve even been contacted by someone who was writing an hard copy book who wanted to use one of my articles with attribution. People may contact you asking if your article can be included in an e-book. It’s not the main purpose of your free reprint articles, but it’s an intriguing possibility.

My point is, the articles that you’re creating serve an important purpose on the internet. You may write them and then never think about them again. You may only think of them as conduits for getting a higher search engine ranking. For your next article though, keep in mind that the content that you’re creating is useful, important, and can impact people’s lives.

For Publishers…

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