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Article Marketing Tips: How To Make Boring Topics Interesting For Your Reader
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There are some things that you can do to make your topic more captivating to a reader...

This article is for a certain type of writer:

Perhaps you’re a freelance writer who is creating articles for a clients, or maybe you’re a business owner who is selling products that you’re not all that familiar with (like one of those product based websites that has a lot of different stuff on it).

You may come to your writing topic and think,

“Ugh–I don’t know how to write about this. Â I can’t get up any excitement at all for this topic.”

Here’s a thought: there are no boring topics, just boring writing.

With that said, there are some topics that are easier to write about than others, depending on who is doing the writing.

If sports cars are a keen area of interest for you, then writing on that topic will be exciting. If, however, you don’t care at all about the things, you’re going to be struggling to come up with an interesting spin on your topic.

If you are in this situation, I want to issue you a friendly challenge:

Your goal in writing your articles is to make this topic sound interesting.

Think Of Yourself As A Fashion Model

No matter what topic you're given, you need to make it look good...

No matter what silly outfit or outrageous makeup or hairstyle that a fashion model is given, her job is to make it look good.

“You want me to wear a watermelon as a wig?” the fashion model asks. “Sure, I’ll rock that.”

Models learn how to accomplish this through experience and training. You can do the same.

Your first approach should be to get into the mind of the target reader.

  • What motivates them?
  • Why is this topic so important to them?
  • What benefit does this topic bring to people?
  • Why can’t the world live without this product?
  • How does this product create happy memories for people?

(And remember, you won’t be writing about the product, but you’re just using these questions to get into the mind of someone from your target audience.)

Another tactic is to try to make your topic universally interesting, so that someone who isn’t interested in your topic would be interested anyway. That’s a different approach, as usually we just write for the target market, but this may help when working with a topic that is a little dull to you.

Here are some ways to make any topic universally relate-able:

As a writer, rope the reader in with the food, rather than the pot.

In what far reaching way can you relate to this topic?

Let’s suppose you’re writing on camping gear, and you’ve never slept outdoors in your life. Your client wants you to write about certain accessories like a camping stove.

You’ve never been camping, but you do like to cook. Why not write some articles giving recipes that can be made on camping stoves?

Stores like Williams Sonoma do this all the time–they give instructions on cooking techniques and give cooking classes, rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of the products that they’re selling (which can be kind of boring).

For example, I really don’t care about crock pots, but I do care about a beautiful roast that my family will enjoy. Williams Sonoma shows me the roast, and I ask them, “How did you make that?” They tell me the recipe and the cooking utensils that they used, including the crock pot.

Suddenly I’m interested in a crock pot.

In your articles, focus on teaching your reader how to do something related to this topic that you’re writing about.

Some Topics Stretch Your Creativity

I’m not sure what your topic is, but instead of dreading this subject matter you’ve been commissioned to write about, change your attitude and think of it as a challenge that will make you grow as a writer.

When you tackle this project from this perspective, you will know that the article that you’re writing is not just about the article–it’s about you stretching your imagination and your ability to create an impression through the written word.

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11 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: How To Make Boring Topics Interesting For Your Reader”

  1. Mr Babyfood says:

    Great food for thought- and action. Love your points. They are so easily forgotten as there seems to be this tendency for most of us to speak about our qualifications and features of ourselves or our products/services in this way instead of addressing what the reader really cares about. The task then is how we could tie things in with their motivations and memories.

    I’ve copied those questions to use as a reminder the next time I write. Thank you.

  2. Susie says:

    At first, I didn’t want to read this article, cause it seemed like ‘boring’ stuff on a Friday. But, guess what, I liked it. You made this ‘boring’ topic interesting to me, and told me stuff I hadn’t thought about before. So I’ll be implementing your suggestions starting today. Thanks,

  3. Mark says:

    Another strategy I’ve used in the past is to find a way to connect what you have to write about with some totally different interest you have. This is a bit like your crockpot / cooking example, but it’s making the bridge between the two even longer.

    For example, in what ways are magic and marketing similar? (This has already been done as a book by a few people.)

  4. Alsido says:

    What is left for me with article marketing, is plan of action…and the business that i’m in is base all type of internet marketion. I like this topic is giving me encourage to start article marketing, i’m in the plan of action…

  5. Karen says:

    You have succeeded in making this article interesting enough to keep my attention until the end. Wish I can do that too.

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Steve

    Ok , I’ve written an article based on the 5 points template; and I have written the resource box. What do I do next. Do you have a look at them an make suggestions? Shall I send it through? Do you charge for this ? You’re giving so much information for free, how do you make your money?
    Best wishes

  7. Steve Shaw says:

    @Michael: Hi Michael,

    Thanks for asking–my service is, which is a membership site that distributes articles. Our members pay a monthly subscription to be able to submit their articles to us. Our editors review the articles to be sure they have the best chance possible of being accepted by publishers, and then we distribute the articles to our large distribution network.

    So, it saves you tons of time (you can get your article submitted to tons of publishers by submitting to us only one time).

    There’s lots of other perks to the service that make it so that our members receive better results than submitting manually –Too many benefits to list here, but please check out further info at my site:

    Just let me know if you have any questions.

  8. In my writing career, the most important factor that engages any audience is your personality in what you write. If you feel what you are writing, people will too and that’s what gets their attention.

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