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Article Marketing Tips: 5 Ways To Get More Publishers To Pick Up Your Articles
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A consistent article marketing campaign produces a compounded result.

What can you do to get your articles republished more frequently?

I received this question from a reader the other day:

How do you get more sites to pick up your articles from the directories?

I have what I believe to be quality articles in article directories (over 3+years) but only a few are actually getting picked up. The readership isn’t quite as good as I expect either on some of them. I’ve done keyword targeting, point form type of articles, narrative articles, informative articles – and no one style seems best, although I’m constantly reading that the “5 Tips…” types are more effective. I have not found this to be true.

Let’s tackle this excellent question:

How do you get more sites to pick up your articles from the directories?

#1:Â Write high quality articles that are attractive to publishers.

Always write on the same general topic as your website.

Write articles that serve your readers.

#2: Learn from your past success.

It’s good to experiment with different types of articles and writing styles. The Top 5 lists are very popular, but that doesn’t mean that they will work for everyone with every topic.

Use this resource to get a clue as to what types of articles work best for you:

What You Can Learn From Your Most Popular Articles…

#3:Â Write articles around your long tail keyword phrases.

These are the phrases that are 3-5 words long and that are more specific than your main 2 word keyphrases.

Your specific article topic and the phrasing of your title play a big role in how many times your article is viewed and republished.

Here is a post that goes more in depth on the topic of writing articles around your long tail keyword phrases:

Marketing With Articles: Are Keywords Really That Important?

#4: Submit your articles through

This makes it so that you submit your article one time, and then you get an immediate payoff as far as republication goes. You know your articles will be picked up by tons of publishers because they are being sent to them directly, as well as being published on a ton of article directories, including our own article directory where articles often attract dozens if not hundreds of views within just hours of publication.

This is the easy way to do article marketing, and in my opinion it brings about the best results.

If you are using our own automatic article submitter, you do not have to look at any particular directory to see how many publishers are republishing your articles. You can do a much more comprehensive measuring of your progress by following these steps:

  • Take a baseline of your website traffic.
  • Take a baseline of your website’s rankings for your keyword terms.
  • Take a baseline of your backlinks.
  • Take a baseline of your PageRank in Google.

Then recheck these stats once a month. Keep track of the results in a spreadsheet or a notebook. Here is more info on how to do these steps.

Try not to get hung up on one element of your article marketing campaign. When measuring results, check several different factors to get a clear picture of how you’re progressing.

#5:Â Submit articles consistently.

How many articles you need to submit each month is determined by your submission method. When you are submitting via our article submission service, I recommend working up to submitting 8 articles a month per website, every month.

If you are submitting manually, you will need to submit many more.

It’s important to submit articles over the long term, but be sure that you’re also submitting consistently each month. Consistency seems like it would be the least difficult of all of these steps, but it is actually the spot where folks tend to stumble.

Your Homework:

1 – Develop a comprehensive way of tracking your progress. Here is a resource that tells you step by step how to track your progress.

2 – Work on submitting articles more consistently. When you’re submitting through, work up to 8 articles per website each month.

3 – Give more attention to keyword research and using your keywords appropriately in your articles. Here’s a resource that will help you:

Marketing With Articles: Are Keywords Really That Important?

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5 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: 5 Ways To Get More Publishers To Pick Up Your Articles”

  1. Hey Steve,

    You always amazes me with your vast knowledge and excellent writing style in simple words. There is hardly any website where you can get such useful information for free. Keep up the good work.

  2. Steve,

    Your suggestion about using long tail keywords goes against conventional wisdom that says make articles more general so you stand a better chance of having it syndicated to more sites. I don’t disagree with you but would be interested in your response to conventional wisdom.


  3. Ed says:

    Interesting content, always look forward to your newsletter with the latest updates. Keep up the great work…!


  4. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Cliff,

    Thanks for your question. You should always write on the general topic of your website, but your articles should tackle a specific topic associated with your niche.

    It does not really follow that a general article would be more attractive to more publishers–publishers are looking for quality content that is helpful to their readers. They especially appreciate an article that has good keyword research behind it.

    You may find these resources helpful:

    Marketing With Articles: Are Keywords Really That Important?

    Article Marketing Success: How To Create An “Ah-Ha!” Article (about the importance of covering a specific topic that is helpful to your target readers)

  5. Thanks Steve,

    I always look forward to your insightful posts on how to get the most from an article marketing campaign. Out of the 31 articles I have submitted so far – the average
    republish rates I have seen so far ( just from viewers picking them up from this site) is 21%

    Thank goodness – if this average continues through-out
    your whole distribution spread, I could have hundreds of thousands of publishers snap up the content.

    This could easily equate to millions of views in six or eight months time.
    I love the new Gold member features, such as the “naked articles,” and the “Advanced Article Leverage.”

    Keep up the great services.

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