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Article Marketing Tips: 5 Baby Steps For Creating Higher Quality Articles
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The trick to improving your writing is to take baby steps...

Sometimes clients will ask me for article marketing tips that they can use to improve their writing.

I know it can be a bit confusing:

  • Where in the world should you start?
  • What area should be your focus?
  • How do you know if you are getting any better?

You want to feel like you are improving as the years go by and not just staying at the same skill level.

There are different elements of article quality, and the more advanced you are the more factors you can use to measure your improvement.

The trick is to break things down into bite-sized portions of areas where you can improve.

Here are 5 baby steps to creating higher quality articles:

1 – The most basic measure of article quality is correct spelling and grammar.

This is just a basic requirement for all articles. You need to be able to write with proper spelling and grammar before becoming accomplished in any other area of article writing.

If you are lacking these fundamental writing skills, then you will need someone with excellent English skills to be your teacher and to tell you where you are going wrong and how to make improvements.

As students become more advanced, then they are more likely to be able to notice deficiencies in their work and make corrections. A beginner, on the other hand, needs someone to help him notice mistakes and make corrections.

2 – Following that, the goal would be to improve your choice of article topics.

Your goal is always to write on article topics that are useful to your target readers. A great way to find topics that are useful to your readers is to do keyword research. Long tail keyword phrases (3+ words long) often make great topics for articles.

Frequency of keyword usage: Use the word in your title (in a natural sounding and grammatically correct way) and in the first paragraph of your article. If you cannot fit your keyword phrase into the first paragraph of your article in a natural sounding way, then get it in as close to the beginning of your article as possible.

Ideally the keyword phrase would not be used so conspicuously that it would slap your reader in the face–the phrase should just be a natural part of the article.

What about using keywords in the resource box? One of your competitive main keyword phrases (2-3 words long) would serve as the anchor text for the link going back to your website.

(If you are confused on this topic of the different types of keywords and where to use them, pleas see that link above.)

3- Then, work on your article titles.

The title plays a huge role in the success of an article, so any improvement you can make in this area is worth it.

The title should always convey what the topic of the article is. The topic of the article should be stated in an interesting way that would catch a reader’s attention. The title is a prime place to make use of your keyword terms–if you are writing around keyword terms in the article, then use those terms in the title. The title should always be grammatically correct and contain proper spelling.

Here is more info about creating better titles.

4- Next, focus on improving your effectiveness as a teacher in your article.

An article can have correct grammar and spelling, be keyword rich, and be on an interesting topic to your readers, but if the information is not taught well, then the article is of limited use to your readers.

The article organization (the logic and simplicity of your argument) is fertile ground for making improvements to your article quality.

More info: How To Write An “Ah-Ha” Article

5 -Then work on general writing improvements, including:

Take Baby Steps

There are many areas where a writer may improve, but you have to start at the beginning. You work on first things first–writing fundamentals of grammar and spelling–and then move on from there.

Once you advance beyond the basics, you may work on improving multiple elements at once, if you like.

One thing to keep in mind–do not let this list of areas of improvement overwhelm you. You are not supposed to tackle all of these at once right at the beginning.

Remember, the trick is to take baby steps.

Your Homework

1 – Determine where you stand as a writer. Do you need to focus on learning the fundamentals of writing? Or can you move on to learning about how to choose better topics? Or are you more advanced than that?

2 – Pick one of these areas of improvement to focus on this month.

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First baby step… by Sean Dreilinger

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: 5 Baby Steps For Creating Higher Quality Articles”

  1. Ernest says:

    Hey Steve,

    As an online marketer that loves to teach others, I have found myself doubting the effectiveness of my articles and blog posts. The challenge to become better seems really, really big when looking at how much improvement I need. But just like anything else in life, it does help to take bite sized chunks out of the problem and focus on those. The baby steps approach has always helped me in the past. Thanks for pointing out some areas that I can get started in to increase my effectiveness.

  2. Damien says:

    Very useful article. I agree with the concept. Anything new is usually best improved in baby steps. A nice clear account of article marketing. Thanks.

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