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Article Marketing Tips: Q and A about Social Media, Article Marketing, and the Changing Role of Backlinks

Posted By Steve Shaw On June 6, 2011 @ 12:00 am In Article Marketing Tips,How To Submit Articles,SEO Article Submission,SEO Article Writing | 6 Comments

The search engine marketing terrain is always changing, and I get a steady stream of questions about all sorts of things. A common theme of questions has to do with how article marketing and social media interact.

I’ve collected some questions I’ve received on social media, link building, and article marketing, along with my answers…

Which should I use–article marketing or social media? Can they work together?

I would like to suggest that article marketing is just one part, albeit an important part, of a rounded SEO strategy, that also needs to include things like forum commenting, blog commenting, social media activity (eg. Facebook), social bookmarking, having a blog on your own site, and so on.

They most certainly can and do work well together–they’re perfect complements to each other.

Google are certainly starting to take notice of ‘presence’ within social media – so if you’re attracting traffic to your Facebook page for example and have good activity (which of course is a lot easier when you’re regularly generating content for article marketing purposes), are referred to often within Twitter, have people social bookmarking you etc., it all points to your ‘authority’ which in the past was purely done on the basis of backlinks, but now the scope for measuring authority is wider.

Can blog and forum commenting help my SEO? Is it the backlink from the blog comment or forum that helps SEO for a website, or is it something else?

Yes, the backlinks can certainly help SEO directly, but it can also lead to relationships with other people that help SEO on an indirect level too, as well as your business as a whole – for example, related sites noticing you and deciding to link to you as a useful resource or starting to recommend you in future/the basis for joint venture relationships and so on.

Would there still be SEO value to commenting on a blog or forum that had ‘nofollow’ links, or is it just the ones with follow links that a person would be looking for?

Yes, there would still be value. If all your links are only from dofollow sources, it looks very unnatural.

I don’t personally concern myself at all with whether a forum or a blog I might post on are dofollow or nofollow– it keeps it natural and you get other benefits besides the links helping SEO.

In the same way that you shouldn’t write articles for search engines, but for real people who would find them of value, you shouldn’t backlink purely for search engines either but see it as a way of helping others online. For example, leave a helpful comment on a blog, assist others in a forum, it all helps build up reputation, credibility etc. online and can lead to beneficial partnerships with other webmasters. The SEO benefit from a backlink is really just an additional side benefit.

Closing Thoughts…

So, the web marketing terrain has changed, but I think for the better. Really, measuring incoming links, numbers etc. is generally fairly meaningless (eg. numbers don’t give indications on quality), and a better investment of time is spent looking at traffic and conversions.

Web marketing is an ongoing thing, just as article marketing is. The motivation is to bring publicity to your website and your business, and you do that by building relationships with other people through interacting with them and offering helpful content to them via your articles and other online activities.

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