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Article Marketing Tips: Writer’s Block Is A Sham
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You may have never written an article before you started article marketing. That’s a common situation for many people.

You may be a business owner who types emails, who writes content for your website, who may write the occasional note for a friend or relative, but by and large sitting down to write an article is just not something that you’re used to doing.

Then you start to write articles, because doing so helps you market your website. You may start quite clumsily at first, but after several months of consistently writing education content for your readers, you start to think, “Hey, I think I’ve got this down.”

And then the inexplicable happens.

One day for no particular reason at all you sit down to write, and you can’t get going. You can’t put two thoughts together to save your life. The longer you stare at the blank page, the more anxiety builds.

“What has happened to me?”, you wonder. Then you conclude: “This must be what they call writer’s block.”

You have successfully diagnosed your condition, but what then?

I found this insightful post by Scott Berkus where he exposes that writer’s block is a sham. Isn’t that a relief to hear? You thought you had this terrible affliction, but really it’s a paper tiger.

He said something that made me think:

It’s not that you can’t write. It’s just that you are afraid you will not be able to write up to your own standards.

You are starting from square one, but your mind is thinking all the way down the road to the finished product that is supposed to be all polished and insightful. What you (we) forget is that there are many stages that an article goes through before it’s ready for the world to see.

Articles go through various stages of being sub-par, and they are gradually refined one step at a time. If you look through our article directory and you find an article that you really admire, you can rest assured that the author did not write the article on the first sitting. His first draft probably looked like a train wreck.

Don’t get discouraged that you’re not able to write a polished article on the first draft–you’re not supposed to be able to do that.

Scott also pointed out that you never experience a mental block when you’re doing something that has no rules and that nothing is riding on. For example, you never get blocked playing and laughing with your kids. You never experience a mental block when you’re admiring a sunset.

For activities where you are never afraid of “doing it wrong”, you will never feel “blocked”.

Scott provides several “hacks” for getting your mind out of a creative rut and back to writing, and I’d like to share some of them here, adapted to apply to people who write free reprint articles.

1 – Until you pronounce your article finished, there are no rules.

Give yourself permission to write badly, really badly. The important thing is to get words on the page and to get your fingers typing. Don’t be afraid of bad writing–forget all the rules. Just start putting words on the page.

(Before the writing process is finished, you will eventually go back and polish things up, but you don’t need to do that until the very end.)

2 – Get warmed up by answering emails, typing inspiring quotes, even typing gibberish.

Sometimes your body remembers how to write even when your mind is standing in your way. If you can get your fingers working and putting words on paper, it’s like oiling a rusty hinge.

It’s also a little like meeting someone for the first time, when you’re a little nervous. If you can get a little conversation going, even if it’s just “How are you today?” and “I’m fine, thanks for asking”, then you feel more relaxed and can have a more meaningful conversation as you get warmed up.

So, type something, anything. Answer a few emails, type an excerpt from a book that you love, type some inspirational quotes, type the alphabet, type whatever comes into your mind.

3 – Get talking.

Your mind isn’t completely stuck–you can still have a conversation with a friend and words will come to your mind. Having a simple conversation and expressing what you’re feeling can be a great way to get your mind warmed up to write.

Let’s leave it at this for today. I have several more writing hacks to share with you, but let’s save the rest for next time.

In the meantime, what have you found helps you out of a writing slump?

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: Writer’s Block Is A Sham”

  1. Joe says:

    I like the tip about ‘warming up’ – I sometimes find my writing flows better if I’ve been doing some other work at the computer first, rather than just sitting down solely with the intention of writing something.

  2. Really an inspirational post for us. Steve, you are doing a great job. It will be very helpful for us to get out of that so called writers block. Please keep it up.
    Rajesh Kumar

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