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Article Marketing Tips: Surviving Writer’s Block
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Suffering from writer's block? Here is some advise on how to keep going...

Suffering from creative burnout? Here is some encouragement to keep on going...

If you have been writing for any length of time, you have experienced the ups and downs of the creative cycle.

One day you are trotting along, churning out worthwhile and fulfilling content at a healthy rate, and then all of a sudden it’s like you hit a brick wall:

  • You cannot think of new article ideas that interest you to save your life.
  • You try to force yourself to “work through it”, and when you sit down to write you are numb and feel like your brain is composed of concrete.
  • You start making uncharacteristic writing errors with grammar and spelling, and your sentences just don’t flow like they normally do.
  • Your feel tired and burnt out.
  • The longer you are in this state the more discouraged you get, which makes it even harder to write.

Sound familiar to any of you?

It does to me.

There have been several of these dark seasons of creative burnout in my life. When they happen you feel like you are in quick sand–so sluggish and heavy and dark.

If you are going through one of these times right now, I hope to offer some help and encouragement to you, as well as some practical article marketing tips for getting through this challenging time.

Writer’s Tricks

I love this post about writer’s block from author Scott Burke.

First off, you will be relieved to hear that writer’s block is something that is pretty common. Anyone who writes consistently has probably experienced this.

Secondly, writer’s block is predominantly a mental obstacle. Technically, if you were able to write last month, you have not lost that ability.

What is getting to you now is not that you can’t write, but that you are not writing up to your standards.

Read over Scott’s advise on writer’s block for some practical tips.

You Need Refreshment

I’ve noticed that usually when I develop a case of creative burnout (aka writer’s block) that I am tired in other areas of my life as well. Perhaps life is particularly hectic, and I am having a hard time focusing on tasks that require intense mental concentration, like writing.

Sometimes it helps to do some urgent self-care. Slow down a little. Take the afternoon off and take a hike in the woods with your kids. Do something that will make you laugh. Sometimes I will feel burnt out, but after spending some time having genuine fun I feel completely refreshed.

Sometimes we think that because computers work so reliably and efficiently (most of the time!), that our brains should work the same way. It helps to remember that we are not machines–we need refreshment, relaxation, and rest in order to stay fresh creatively.

Peace and Quiet

I remember a time recently when there was a lot of noisy and distracting things going on at the house–repairs being done, painters painting (with boom box going full blast!), and people pressure washing the outside of the house (which is very noisy).

I could not put two consecutive thoughts together on paper. I had a few ideas to get around the at-home distractions:

1 – Leave home and go to a different location to write. The library and the coffee shop were two places I thought of going.

2 – Change my writing schedule to a time of the day when I knew it would be quiet. For me that would pretty much mean writing at 4 a.m. (which I consider to be the middle of the night).

So, changing location and time of day are two ways to generate some peace and quiet. They also shake up your schedule a bit which can contribute to a renewed sense of creativity.

Perhaps It’s Unavoidable

There are just some times when the uncontrollable circumstances of life will make it very difficult for you to concentrate on writing. Maybe your mind really needs to be elsewhere for a while. I remember a time when my mother was having critical health issues, and because my mind was on her, it was extremely difficult to write. Maybe you’re going through something similar. If so, I would say give yourself a break and just focus on the more urgent matter that needs your attention.

Preparing for Writer’s Block

The thing about writer’s block is that it is so sneaky. One day you’re fine, and the next the creative well is completely bone dry. One thing you can do to take the pressure off of yourself is to be prepared.

During a time when you are prolific in your writing, stash away about a month’s worth of article first drafts. When you hit the dreaded writer’s block, you can fall back on those previously written articles. Working on the drafts is easier than starting from scratch, and it still lets you feel like you’re writing productively.

Or, store away a month’s worth of finished articles–that reserve will come in handy as well.

What about you?

What do you do to get out of a creative rut?

How have you handled writer’s block in the past?

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4 Responses to “Article Marketing Tips: Surviving Writer’s Block”

  1. Andy says:

    I’ve been a Copywriter for over 20 years and, to be honest, I’ve only once had Writer’s Block. My cure on that day..? To write down just anything about the subject I was supposed to be writing about, just to get started. Then – I got angry with myself for writing such drivel (or pretended it was someone else who wrote it) and immediately started to correct the errors, and put things right. It’s amazing how controlled anger can collect the adrenelin you need to write the real stuff! From then on, the ‘block’ disappeared.
    My recurring problem of late is more in deciding WHICH of 5 or 6 draft Headlines or 1st paragraphs to use, when finalizing my copy … anyone else had this problem..? I’d be interested to know. Thanks

  2. Arnold says:

    I think anyone has a writer’s block episode of its own. I usually experienced this when I am in a hurry of completing an article with a timetable. But when I am in relax mode I don’t have such a problem.

  3. phoenix says:

    I agree with Arnold, it is usual for any writer to experience this. It maybe because their mind is distracted and so they lack focus. As a result they cannot think clearly. To overcome this situation, writers should relax and unwind for a moment. Be positive and think of happy thoughts :)

  4. I have much more success with my writing when I start early in the morning after meditation. Rebecca Cooper

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