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MythBusting: Does View Count On A Single Article Submission Directory Matter?
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Article views are just icing on the cake...

Moving on to our next article submission myth:

Myth: View count in a single article submission directory is an important determinant of whether an article marketing campaign can be deemed a ‘success’ or not.

Myth Debunked

It is a common assumption that:

1) Having a high number of views on one site is an indication of your article marketing success;

2) And that if you publish your article on a big directory that it will get more views than on smaller sites.

Both of these assumptions are wrong.

Article views are not an indication of long term success.

In fact, article ‘views’ (and from there a certain percentage of actual click-throughs to your site) are the ‘icing on the cake’.

The real results come longer term from SEO ranking improvements, and short term traffic spikes from publication of articles in ezines with significant subscriber bases.

There are also a large number of factors in play which affect view count (eg. article longevity, the niche you’re writing in, other places where the same article might appear and outrank another directory for certain keywords, and so on).

Mega directories do not necessarily produce more views for your articles.

If view count is what you want to look at, I usually get far higher view counts for the same article published in my own article directory than at the very popular (as do my clients).

Let’s do a case study…

At Ezine Articles I have 148 articles with about 12,500 views total.

At my own directory I have 174 articles at present, and the combined view count is over 355,000, with some articles exceeding 30,000 views, one over 40,000 and one over 60,000. Not all search engine driven in terms of traffic, but interesting and significant none-the-less.

In terms of client articles showing the same effect, here are a couple picked at random where I could find the same article published on EzineArticles, all published a week or so ago with similar results:

“Put Your Skills to the Test with a Web Design Work at Home Job” 1 view (probably me) at EzineArticles vs. 109 views in our own article directory

“Work Injuries Require an Expert Worker’s Compensation Lawyer” 1 view again at EzineArticles vs. 92 in our own.

Interesting stuff, and hopefully this is useful info for people reading this.

If views on a single article directory are not significant in determining your article marketing success, what is?

Great question–I have a very specific way that I measure my progress. There are 4 factors that I measure each month to keep on top of how I’m doing with my article marketing campaign.

I’ll outline this method for measuring article marketing success in the next post.

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