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Article Submission Guidelines: 5 More Title Tips!
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Imagine this: You’ve just spend several hours writing, editing and perfecting your article body. At the last minute, you throw together an article headline that violates a publisher’s article submission guidelines and ultimately results in your article being declined. Ouch!

I know that hurts, and it can be quite frustrating to have an article declined based on the title. The bright side is that most title issues can be easily fixed, and if you’re aware of the title guidelines of most publishers you can craft a stellar headline that will actually attract more publishers and readers!

Recently we’ve gone over various aspects of  how to format article titles correctly and how to write a keyword rich title. In this post we’ll put the icing on the cake with a few more title tips that can really help your article be welcomed by publishers!

A great article title has these qualities…

1 – A great article title is not too short or too long. We’ve already talked about the “too short title”–at the very minimum your title must be at least 2 words long. For the best search engine results, use up to 80 characters for your title.

How long is too long? It varies among publishers, but it’s good not to exceed 100 characters.

2 – A great article title is not promotional. This means that you would not put your website URL or your business or product name in your article headline.

It is also a good idea to steer clear of blatant appeals for readers to read your article. For example, putting the words “Click Here!” in your article title is completely unnecessary and may appear promotional to some publishers. Just write a title that tells what your article is about.

3 -Â A great article title does not have excessive punctuation. We’ve already talked about not putting a period at the end of your title, but are exclamation points and question marks okay? Yes, but it is sufficient to use just one exclamation point or one question mark at the end of your title. No need to put several!!! (As I just did as an example :) )

4 – Great articles titles are varied. This means that if you are writing about car insurance, all of your articles will not be entitled “Car Insurance”. Publishers do not want to receive the same article repeatedly, and if you have several articles with the same title it can appear that you’re submitting the same article again and again.

Yes, you are writing on the same general topic, but each article should be fresh with new information, and your title should indicate the uniqueness of your article.

5 – Here’s a formatting tip: Type your title into the title field, rather than copying and pasting from Word. Although the text you’re entering may look normal, Word is not a text editor, so there may be some special characters in your title even though you can’t see them. Alternatively, you can copy and paste from a text editor.


Please don’t phone in your article title! Spend some time and mental energy on it. Carefully read over all of the posts on article headlines (listed below)–you will save yourself time, effort and frustration.

Craft a strong title that abides by publishers’ submission guidelines and your title will be a valuable asset in getting your article accepted!

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