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Article Submission Sites: Submitting To Article Directories
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The article directory is the spark that lights the fire.

This is the last post in our series about “How To Submit Articles”. For the last 3 posts I’ve been trying to help those of you who would like to submit articles manually.

We’ve been talking about article submission sites and other types of online publishers. We’ve already covered how to submit to ezine editors and article announcement lists.  Now let’s talk about a type of publisher that is probably already familiar to you–the article directory.

What Is An Article Directory?

An article directory is a website that offers free reprint articles.

Publishers will go to an article directory and browse through the articles to find ones that are appropriate for their online publication (their website). Free reprint articles can be reprinted for free (thus the name!).

In return for the content, the publisher will include the author’s resource box along with the article so that anyone who sees the article can read more about the author and click the link in the resource box that leads back to the author’s websites.

The republishing of the resource box is also how the author builds backlinks to his site. A steady increase in backlinks can dramatically affect the author’s website ranking in the search engines over the long term.

Perks Of Publishing Your Articles On Article Directories

An article directory is a hub for publishers–people are always looking for content for their websites and ezines. When you publish your article on a directory, you are positioning it so that it has the greatest chance of being republished.

Some people only focus on the link that they receive when they publish their article on a directory, but that one link from the directory is only the beginning. An article directory is not intended to be the end of the line–it is the spark that starts the fire.

The purpose of publishing an article on an article directory is to have it republished as many times a possible. Each time it is republished your resource box is also republished along with the link in your resource box.

Here’s another perk: Articles that are on article directories are visible to anyone on the internet, not just publishers. This means that your articles can turn up in search engine results. If someone Google’s something pertaining to your topic, then your articles can show up in the results list.

To How Many Article Directories Should You Submit Your Article?

As many as possible.


Why not just put your article on one of the big article directories and leave it at that?

The purpose of the article directory is enable your article to be republished. Republication is the power behind article marketing.

Submit your article to one directory, and you have gained at least one link to your website. Every time a publisher sees your article on that directory and republishes it, you gain another link.

The goal is to have your article republished as many times as possible, so you are greatly aiding your cause by submitting your article to many different article directories (and other type of publishers). That way, you are actively building links to your website, rather publishing on one site and then waiting around hoping that publishers see your article on that one site and decide to republish it.

Submitting to many publishers is a very proactive way of doing article marketing. It is the opposite of putting all your eggs in one basket. Submitting to many publishers allows you to diversify your eggs and to diversify your baskets. That makes for a more effective article marketing campaign.

What If You’re Submitting Manually?

Alright, so I say to submit to as many article directories (and other publishers) as possible, but if you are submitting manually, you will be limited by your time, your energy, and your patience. You just have to do the best you can.

If you can only submit to a few article directories, be sure to hit

Here are some other article directories you can try if you have time.

For additional information on this topic, please see this resource:

What Is The Purpose Of An Article Directory?

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    Me and my sister just saw your blog and thought it was a terrific read. well done!

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