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Article Submission Sites: Where To Submit Your Article
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For the last few weeks we’ve covered some basics about article marketing, some tips for writing your first article, and the very first steps you need to take as you’re starting to market your website online.

I’ll give links to those previous posts at the end of this post, but let’s tackle the reader request that started this whole series:

I know that this may seem like a lot of repetition for you Steve, but maybe, you could write an article about article writing as a complete newbie – knowing what you now know of course! That is to say, you`re totally new so where to submit the first few articles for maximum effect – without any payment either!

I’m happy to cover this info again–I know it helps to hear it more than once, and some of you may be new here.

How Many Articles Should You Write?

How many should you write? It depends on how you’ll be submitting your articles.

If you’re submitting through an automatic article submitter like where each article you submit gets sent out to a lot of online publishers, then I recommend submitting about 8 articles a month for each website you’re marketing.

Because the articles are getting widespread distribution, you can submit a fewer number and still see results in search engines. In fact, when submitting articles automatically it’s better to submit a modest number of articles, as submitting too many can work against you. So, stick to 8 or so a month if your articles are being widely distributed.

If you’re submitting articles by hand, then you’ll need to submit many more to make an impact in search engines. As you’re just getting started, I don’t know that it helps to dwell on that, as the number that you need to submit manually can be more than many folks can do.

There is cost involved with enlisting the services of article distribution service, but you get payback in the time saved and the results achieved.

Places to Submit Articles

Still, if you’re a beginner and you just want to get your feet wet, it can make sense to submit your first articles by hand. Submitting articles manually allows you to try it out, get a feel for it, and gain some confidence with writing and submitting articles, all without making any payment.

Here’s a post I wrote where I had compiled some lists of the various places to submit articles: ezine editors, article directories, and announcement lists.

In that resource, each type of publisher is described, and you get an idea of what’s involved with submitting to each different type of publisher and what you can expect.

Submitting manually is a perfectly fine place to start your article marketing endeavours. It’s how I started, and it can be a great first stepping stone when entering the article marketing field.

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  1. Nick says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for again beginning at the beginning with article writing.
    I think that most of us, when we start online, soon realise that article writing is an absolute must! The problem is then what to do with that article for maximum effect… this series of articles will definitely help!


    P.S. I enjoyed the opening quote!

  2. Great data on article submission and the points of contact are a great help. Thanks for your work.

  3. kirshna says:

    hi.. steve shaw
    thanks for article submission points and great help me .
    so very……….. thanks

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