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Are There Only 3 Article Submission Sites Worth Submitting To?
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Here’s a question I received recently that we’ve been covering in detail these last few posts:

I keep hearing contradictory evidence about article marketing. Some say it works, some say it doesn’t. Some say there’s only three directories worth submitting to. Still others say it’s a waste because they don’t generate any traffic. Confused? You bet!

We’ve already talked about the “some say it works, some say it doesn’t” part of the question. In this post we will cover the part about how many article submission sites you should submit to and why.

“Some say there are only 3 directories worth submitting to…”

People who say that there are only 3 directories worth submitting to are missing the whole purpose of article marketing (not to mention only getting a fraction of the results they could otherwise achieve).

You can see where their logic is coming from though–they are assuming that the reason to submit an article to a particular directory is for the sole purpose of getting traffic from that article on that directory.

I can see where that line of thought is coming from, but it is based on a misunderstanding. Let’s get this sorted out.

The purpose of article marketing is to drive traffic to a website. Article marketing accomplishes this in two ways–directly and indirectly.

Directly–You submit your article to a directory and someone sees your article and clicks the link in your resource box, which leads the reader back to your website. That is direct traffic. It is a perk, but not the main benefit you get from article marketing.

Indirectly–You submit your article to some article submission sites. Publishers see your articles on those directories and decide to republish them on their own sites. Every time a publisher reprints your article on his site he also republishes your resource box, which includes a backlink to your website. The more times your article is republished, the more backlinks are created for your website (this is maximized when you use our ArticleLeverageâ„¢ technology, either the standard or advanced version … more info here). The increase in backlinks over time positively affects your search engine ranking for your keywords. As your website rises higher and higher in Google and the other search engines, you receive more and more traffic to your website from the search engines.

This is indirect traffic, and this is where the big traffic payday is. Traffic from search engines is the main advantage for people doing article marketing, although many people misunderstand this, and only focus on direct traffic from the articles themselves.

Are there only 3 directories worth submitting to?

Absolutely not–there are tons of directories worth submitting to. The more directories you can submit to the better.

The whole purpose of creating free reprint articles is to have them reprinted, and the more directories you have them on, the greater your reach and the more likely publishers and readers are going to find your articles! That is the power behind article marketing.

As a powerful illustration of this, if you had written a book, would you only want it in 3 bookshops?

You have two options:

You can publish your articles on 3 sites and wait around twiddling your thumbs hoping publishers will find your articles and republish them, or you can take matters into your own hands and submit your articles directly to tons of publishers from the get go.

One of these options produces frustration and the tendency to say “this isn’t working!”. The other option produces results.

Using, as well as getting your articles published on reams of article directories, we also help you cut out the middleman … so you also not only get your articles sent direct to content-hungry publishers on our email list, but Gold Level members also get their articles published directly on niche-relevant blogs (and with our Naked Articles feature, more powerful links too).

What if you’re submitting by hand?

Now, if you are submitting manually, I know that this news about submitting to tons of sites does not sit well with you. You are only human, and there is a limit to how many directories you can submit to.

You would probably rather that there were only 3 directories that were worth submitting to, but honestly, after a while even submitting articles to those 3 directories starts to feel like a chore that you don’t want to keep up. And then you get tired and frustrated. And then you quit. And then you say, “article marketing doesn’t work”.

Then you aren’t sure what to do to market your website, but you keep on hearing your colleagues and your competitors talking about how article marketing is working for them. And then you wonder “why does it work for them and not for me”?

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

In all honesty, the days of hoping to get results through manually submitting articles are over … you minimize your results and it’s an ineffective and inefficient use of your time. You can’t hope to get the kind of results you would otherwise get through automatically submitting your articles.

The good news…

The reason why article marketing is the marketing tool of choice for regular everyday small business owners is that:

1 – It’s easy if you use an automatic article submitter. Your articles are automatically distributed to a large network of targeted publishers, and because your articles are getting widespread publication, you only need to submit a few articles a month (8 per website).

2 – It’s effective. People who do article marketing correctly see results.

If you have any questions about how to do article marketing, just let me know.

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21 Responses to “Are There Only 3 Article Submission Sites Worth Submitting To?”

  1. [...] Steve Shaw has answered the article marketing question… “Are There Only 3 Article Submission Sites Worth Submitting To?” [...]

  2. Wonderful Information Steve as always :)

    Yes the people who say article marketing doesn’t work are those who try half heatedly or inefficiently because of several practical issues (lack of time is, of course, the main issue and lack of knowledge is another one that most so called experts don’t dare to accept that they don’t know). But the nacked truth is…IT WORKS.

    Anyway, to be very frank with you, may I ask one tricky question? Steve what are the top 3 directories ;) I would personally appreciate a response from you in this regard.

  3. I always read your advice and as usual it rings true! I do a lot of writing and a lot of submitting all in the health and wellness categories since that is what TopHealthSpot is about. I don’t have doubts that article marketing really works because I have seen my work published on many quality blogs. I don’t know if they bring me direct sales, but the links back are valuable and worth my time. Thanks again for another good piece of advice :)

  4. Hi Steve,
    Another good article and to the point, as usual.

    PS I like your ‘Turning Page’ opt-in – very cool!



  5. Steve Shaw says:

    @Freelance Article Writer: Well, certainly is a biggie. Other top directories are,, ArticlesBase, and a myriad of others, too many to mention. I know that wasn’t just 3 directories–hard to narrow it down! Hope that helps!

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    @TopHealthSpot: Yes, the big benefit of article marketing is not direct sales from the articles, but targeted traffic from search engines, which leads to sales.

    As your search engine ranking for your website’s keyword terms goes higher, so will your traffic. Very glad that you’ve having good success. Keep it up!

  7. To many people just give it a go. If they don’t see results they give up. If you were going to go into Article Marketing serious then have a plan of action for let’s say one month.

    Create an article each day and submit it too lets say 10 directories. So that’s 300 hundred articles doing the rounds in one month. And if your articles are picked up by webmasters then your promotion is going to go viral.

    Now this is time consuming but you can get Steve to do it using his services. It’s all about time versus money. Is your time valuable or can you afford to get things done quicker.

    Once you have all these articles submitted. TEST!!! see where the traffic is coming from. 80/20 Rule once you see which directories are sending you the most traffic stick with them and then test more directories. Within 3 or 4 months you will then know which directories to dedicated your time too.


  8. Steve Shaw says:

    @Craig Sowerby: Hi Craig,

    Thanks so much for sharing your strategy–one thing to keep in mind though:

    Traffic from directories is just icing on the cake. The real benefit of article marketing is from search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. That is where you can see dramatic increases in targeted traffic and sales to your website.

    You can only get a certain amount of traffic from any one (or any 10) directories, but how many people are doing Google searches?

    Google receives several hundred million searches each day.

    That is where the money is–Go for Google traffic, rather than directory traffic.

    To get a higher ranking for your keyword terms in Google, you need to build links consistently over the long term. That is what article marketing does. The links impact your search engine ranking. The higher Google ranking you have for your keyword terms, the more targeted traffic you will receive on a grand scale.

    The days of hoping to get results through manually submitting articles are over … you minimize your results, and it’s an ineffective and inefficient use of your time. No human on the planet has enough time to manually submit to all of the publishers that an automatic article submitter does. You cannot hope to get the kind of results submitting manually that you would otherwise get through automatically submitting your articles.

  9. Reginald says:

    Thanks, this is the best news i have heard and it makes sense.republishing my article gets me more backlinks!

  10. Terry says:

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for great info. Just a quick question on your opinion on submitting articles to directories.
    Is it better to send: the SAME written article to many directories OR
    the same article RE-WRITTEN to each directory? There is a difffering opinion. site is new and not quite finished.

  11. Steve Shaw says:

    @Terry: Hi Terry,

    It is best to submit as many different variations of each article to the directories (with each directory receiving just one variation, rather than multiple variations).

    With standard article submissions (submitting the same article to every publisher), if the same article is published in 200 different places, Google is only likely to give significance to a link from one of those places, because it sees all the other places as simply duplicates of the original, and therefore of far less importance.

    Members of have two free tools available to do this–they can use our ArticleLeverageâ„¢ technology, either the standard or advanced version.

    I highly recommend using the Advanced ArticleLeverage, as the number of possible variations of your article are virtually unlmited…so for one article published on say 200 different sites, they will in effect be 200 completely different articles, as if you had rewritten the same article from scratch 200 times, and so giving you 200 separate links.

    Terry, here is a PDF on Advanced ArticleLeverage, which helps explain how this works.

  12. Great article Steve. I am wondering, do you know of anyone who has used the automatice article submitter? Is it worth $67 a month? Do they actually submit your articles to all the top ezines? Or would it be as easy and beneficial to submit my articles to each independent ezine, like, GoArticles, ArticleAlley, DirectoryOfEzines, etc? I’ve been writing articles for the past couple of years and my local paper publishes them but only reaches about 20,000 people and the same people every week. I just learned you can submit your articles to ArticleContent and they pay you for them. If I use the automatic article submitter, does any of those pay for the articles that receive them? Thanks. C.J.

  13. Thanks Steve. I will start submitting to more than three article directories. My question however is, is there a point of saturation to this regard?

  14. Steve Shaw says:

    @Wendell Wilkins: Hi Wendell,

    You want your article to be picked up by as many publishers as possible. That is really the strength behind article marketing–widespread distribution/publication of your articles.

  15. Steve Shaw says:

    @Cheryl J Savage: Hi Cheryl,

    Yes, is the article submitter that I invented. I have been running my article distribution business since about 2002 and have worked with thousands of clients from all over the world. Please take a look at our information page, and let me know if you have any questions. Look at the feedback from our customers–according to them, this service is worth every penny.

    Also take a look at the customer feedback for here (scrolll down just a bit when you get to that page)–This was a Squidoo lens I set up about article marketing, and I asked members of to let me know how they liked the lens. In the process, they ended up giving lots of great, unsolicited, glowing feedback for

    Your other questions:

    1 – Does submit your article to all the top ezines?

    We have a huge distribution network, the majority of which has directly requested to receive content from our members. You submit your article to, and then we distribute it to our network of publishers. You can submit an unlimited number of articles a month.

    So, your little bit of effort in submitting your article to us is greatly magnified when we turn around and submit your article to tons of other publishers. We submit to individual sites and individual publishers via automatic submissions to their websites/directories/blogs, via email, and via article announcement lists.

    2 – You had asked if you will be paid for your articles–No, and it will help if I explain what article marketing is and how it works. This is not like submitting articles to a local paper so that the article can be read. People who do article marketing do it to get a higher search engine ranking for their website. That is the purpose of article marketing.

    What the author gets in exchange for a website publishing his content (his free reprint article) is a link back to his website. This link is extremely valuable in the internet world. By building links to your website, your website can gain a higher search engine ranking. A higher search engine ranking (ranking in Google for your keyword terms) can dramatically impact the amount of traffic that is coming to your website.

    Sorry if this answer is getting too technical for you; we may need to continue this conversation via email…I’ll send you a note with more info…

  16. I worry that a general submission service will land my articles on websites that Google doesn’t like–example: sex-oriented or gambling– and thus I will be penalized in my Google ranking. Could you address this? Thanks.

  17. Steve Shaw says:

    @Terry Hamburg: Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your question–first off, most websites want to publish articles that are on their topic. It’s not really of any benefit to a site to publish articles that are on a totally different subject matter.

    At my article submitter, we don’t accept Adult Content articles, don’t distributed that type of content, so I wouldn’t worry about your article ending up on a site like that. We have a huge list of quality publishers–including,,, lots of blogs, ezine editors, announcement lists–sites that you would want to submit to if you had the time.

    Your articles are only sent to publishers who request to receive content on your topic (in the category that you select for your article), so those are the types of sites that your article will appear on.

    I hope this helps,

  18. Hi Steve: I joined Submit Your many months ago without using it. Now I am in the process of learning the process and try to recover part of my investment. I am starting to understand it and you really have the best resources around.
    Great program !

  19. gifts2dear says:

    You want your article to be picked up by as many publishers as possible. That is really the strength behind article marketing–widespread distribution/publication of your articles.

  20. Neela says:

    Steve I liked your directly and indirectly theory.I am doing article submission for a long time and indirectly theory suits for me.I got a good result of those.In previous I registered your website for submission. Good job buddy.

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