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The “Beginner’s Guide” Article Template
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Article Template: A Beginner's Guide

Using an article template can make writing easier.

It’s often easiest to write articles when we have some sort of direction, so I’ve got an assignment for you.

I’ll give you the topic, suggestions for titles, a list of points to cover, and an example.

How easy is that?

This is a type of article that pretty much everyone can write with minimal effort–so let’s get started…

Your Assignment:

Write an article introducing a reader to your topic. This article should provide a general overview of the basics of your niche.

So often we get so deep into our topics that we forget that there are some people who might not have a clear picture of what our field does, what the benefits are, and various other basics.

This type of article has the power to ignite a deeper interest in your topic.

Your Guidelines:

Write for a beginner, someone who is dipping their big toe into the water.

Or, you could write for someone who is not familiar at all with your niche, but who might become interested.

For example, one of my sets of target readers are people who are interested in marketing their websites but aren’t sure how. Those folks are not familiar with my niche, but they might be if they had the right info.

Avoid niche jargon that might be confusing to a newbie, or if you need to use technical words, explain what they mean. Nothing worse than reading an article for beginners and feeling like it’s over your head!

Assume no knowledge. Start from the beginning–your reader may be interested in your niche after he has some more information, but right now he is totally clueless as to what your niche is and what it has to offer. Go as basic as you can.

What is the benefit? Convince the reader of the merits of your niche (what’s in it for them?)

Beware of information overload. Be careful not to go deeper than necessary in this article. It’s a good approach to leave them wanting more.

Title Ideas:

What is [your topic]?

[Your Topic]: How Does It Work?

[Your Topic] 101

An Introduction to [Your Topic]

[Your Topic]: A Beginner’s Guide

Points To Cover

Why do people do it/use/need ______?

What are the perks?

What are the challenges? It helps the authenticity of the article to include negatives (or I like to say “challenges”). It also helps the reader to develop realistic expectations.

How to get started/What’s the first step

For example…

I just wrote an article like this for myself, and you can see it here:

Article Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Will you write one of these “beginner’s guide” articles?

If so, please share it with us via a link in the comments.

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25 Responses to “The “Beginner’s Guide” Article Template”

  1. Madison says:

    Some very good tips. I will try it your way a few times and see how it works out for me. It should at least keep me focused more than usual. Some times I get sidetracked when writing and head in a different direction.

  2. Very nicely done! An awesome start to article writing which can be overwhelming and intimidating for many. Thx for the very pertinent tips consistently! Much appreciated.

  3. Can you hook us up with a handy ‘ReTweet’ option here on the page?

  4. Lian Vaiphei says:

    I’ve always had difficulty constructing articles. Thanks for the tips.

    Lian Vaiphei

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Nadira,

    About the ‘ReTweet’ option–good suggestion. I will start looking into that…

  6. Thanks for the template. Anything that can help speed up the writing process is great. It looks like the template ideas can also help find ideas for the subject of an article, as well as how to present it. (Finding ideas for new articles is sometimes a struggle.)

  7. Terry White says:

    Great ideas Steve,when i write articles i try to keep the format as basic as possible while trying no to overwhelm the reader or being condesending.
    so i agree with your insight wholeheartedly.


    Terry White

  8. Pat Gunning says:

    Great beginner blueprint – lays it out in a very simple format for the new writer. I’ve been reading your work for a while and there is none better for providing a clear and effective article marketing business plan.

    Steve this is a pretty good ReTweet button option that also gets some great Google attention… I think it’s free

  9. david says:

    Like I said my to tips for starting a new exercise routine.


  10. Tyler says:

    A beginners guide is a very good idea for an article in any niche. Most people are beginners in most niches in my experience. I wish I had thought of this before. Thank you!

  11. chandan says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips. I like the title
    “[your topic]101″. Till now I have not use it and I will use it. I am assuming it will be a very attractive title.

  12. Great advice. You are so right. The further we get down the niche keyword list it’s so easy to forget that there are many people who are probably looking for the very basics.

    I will definitely write an article based on the points you list.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Susan says:

    Hi Steve,

    I appreciate the simplicity of your article. I think I will send my students to your blog to read about this way of writing article marketing articles.

    Good job, Steve.I appreciate your genius and trust that you will continue to make it shine through!

    Susan Fox
    Brainview Training Institue
    Professional Copywriter

  14. I have always thought that article marketing is the key, this is a very helpful topic and webpage.
    It can be very hard to come up with the right format and layout.

    Thanks for the info, I’m putting on my thinking cap for writing.


  15. Oz says:

    This is exactly true when one needs to create a winning article for business. People search for ideas and information all the time and when that article contains information that is spelt out for the reader then it becomes a win-win situation.

    I value these tips, thanks!

  16. Greg says:

    While I don’t have an issue sitting down and writing my own articles, my clients do. This article offers a huge benefit to them. Thanks for the guidelines.


  17. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the tip. I know that Article marketing is really a powerful way to get some excellent traffic and this will work well for those who want to get more of it. Having it done in this format (for beginners) will really help and is an excellent idea.

  18. Tara says:

    This template is very very easy and so good! Thank you. I immeadeately wrote a flyer according to this template, and it was a smashing success! People responded very quickly to it, I got 3 new clients in a matter of minutes.
    Great help, thanks!
    I will use it to make my website better.

  19. Keries says:

    Some great tips. I’ll file it as a refernece for my next article.


  20. Kin says:

    Great post , easy to follow step. I’m startin my way to write more post on my blog, but find it hard to do so. Your short article give me some structure to start.

    Kin Lau

  21. Steve Noel Sr….

    Your topic Email Marketing is Great! was interesting when I found it on Monday searching for article marketing service as I also have articles and information posted on this subject. Thank You… Best Regards Steve Noel Sr….

  22. Ricardo A. says:

    This is a really helpful post. It’s always good to have an outline to follow.

    I can practice on this this weekend.


  23. Jack says:

    wow, thanks for the article template. I am going to give it a try today.

  24. Ben says:

    Thanks it is a good post. It is a great blue print for newbies.

  25. Khairul Azan says:

    Thanks..This is the simplest template to use.

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