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How To Write Better Article TITLES
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Your title is what will draw readers in–it is not a given that just because an article is published that readers will automatically read it. You need to draw them in with a title that:

1) Tells what your article is about.

2) Makes the reader want to read the article.

This month I would like you to focus in on paying special attention to your titles and experimenting with different types of titles.

First let’s go over some basics, and then I’ll tell you about some specific types of titles you can use.

Article Titles: The Basics

Your title should always give some indication of the article topic.

Avoid overly long, boring, complicated, and confusing titles. The easier your title is to understand, the better.

Avoid puns and sarcasm (remember, Google does not understand either). Try to state your title as straightforwardly as possible.

Your article must deliver on what your title promises. For example, if your title is “25 Gift Ideas For Your Wife”, your article must contain 25 gift ideas for your wife.

Here are some different types of effective titles:

The “HowTo” title.

We went over several different types of “HowTo” title variations recently, so for your next HowTo article, try one of those approaches.

The Question title.

Example: “Do you need to do keyword research?”

I often gear my articles around reader questions, and have had success with question style titles.

One benefit of a question title is that lots of times when people are Googling info on a topic, they will type in a question. So, question titles can be very SEO friendly.

You might also try doing some keyword research around your title topic to see if there is any preferable way of phrasing your title. That would help you capitalize even more on the SEO benefits of a question title.

Sometimes I will combine a statement with a question, for example:

I’m A Newbie To Article Marketing: Do I Need To Do Keyword Research?

A title like that identifies the target reader and also the question that the article answers.

Other times I identify the topic and then state the question:

Link Building: When Will Backlinks Show Up In Google?

The personalized title (using “you” in the title).

When you’re writing for a large group of people (your target market) it is very easy for a reader to feel like they are just part of the crowd, but you can craft your title to be more intimate so that it speaks to the individual.


You Can Lose That Baby Weight!

You Can Double Your Income This Year With These 5 Tips

The keyword rich title.

If you can, arrange to have your keywords appear in your article title (preferably at the beginning). You can’t miss the topic on a keyword rich title, and that’s a plus for readers who are scanning lists of titles. (It also makes it easy for Google to categorize your article).

If you’re a beginner and not sure what your keywords are, you can do some quick and simple research by going to the free WordTracker keyword suggestion tool and type in your topic. It will tell you the most common searches on that topic, and will perhaps give you some ideas on wording for your title.

One thing to keep in mind about the keyword rich article title is that the article must deliver on what the title promises. So, if your article title is “New Jersey Gyms: 10 Ways to Pick A Gym”, then the article must specifically tell how to pick a gym in New Jersey (rather than how to pick a gym anywhere). If you are going to use your keywords in your title, the article must be on that specific topic.

Your Homework:

=> This month, experiment with using some of these different types of titles.

=> Be more conscious of how your title appears to a person in your target market as they’re scanning a list of article titles.

=> Focus on creating an article title that is interesting enough to stand out, but is also clearly stated and to the point.

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12 Responses to “How To Write Better Article TITLES”

  1. You really do relfect and write your talk. I have learned lots since signing up with

  2. itsjeremy says:

    Thank you for this easy to absorb explanation and breakdown of the core principles. I found it very useful and am forwarding it on to some others now!

  3. alicia says:

    Wow, Good info. I am so new at article writing and getting free information is great.
    Thank You for your generosity!

  4. Steve Shaw says:


    You’re very welcome! I’m glad this info is helping you, and it makes it very worthwhile to know that you’re getting some use out of it.

  5. Karl Hummel says:

    Thank you so much for these fantastic tips. I had started to sway from my efforts to come up with the best pulling title over the last few months and didn’t even realize it until reading your post.

    Thanks for sharing!

    To Your Continued Success,


  6. jeff says:

    Your reccs make good sense- titled, to the point and deliver value- thanks for the guidance

  7. C.K.Sarma says:

    I read your guidance articles with interest and jot down important points.Please help me creaating a website.

    I will start writing my articles shortly.

    Thanks once again for your guidance.


  8. I have been struggling to write good and eye grabbing article titles. Thank you for showing me the right way- using the key word search to get ideas.

  9. Danila says:

    Much thanks!

  10. Andrew says:

    Does using full works make any difference?

    i.e 5 Things You Can’t Do


    5 Things You Cannot Do



  11. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Andrew,

    That’s your call on using “can’t” or “cannot”. I have not noticed that there is a definite rule for that, so it’s something to take on a case by case basis as to which you think sounds best.

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