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Need Article Ideas? How To Generate Loads Of Article Topic Ideas (In Just One Hour!)
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Do you come up with your article ideas one at a time, as the need arises when you need to write an article?

If so, I’d like to encourage you to experiment with a different strategy that I’ve found to be very liberating and that takes a lot of pressure off when it comes time to write.

This technique involves taking one hour to generate article topic ideas with working titles and a few beginning sentences. At the end of your idea gathering session, you’ll have a collection of 5-10 article ideas. When the time comes to write, you’ll simply look at your list of titles and select a topic that appeals to you.

This saves a lot of time because if you’re generating article ideas all at one time, you can get in “the zone” and get some momentum going. It’s a lot easier to do a lot of the same thing at once than to have to keep on switching gears.

Here’s are some places to look for article ideas:

=> Your blog.

If you have a blog, then that’s the first place to look for article idea content. You won’t want to submit your blog post exactly as it’s published on your site, but you can use your blog post as an outline to help you write your article.

=> Your website.

Most likely you have information on your site that is excellent fodder for at least a few articles. For example, if you’re a Virtual Assistant, you may have a page that answers the question, “What Is A Virtual Assistant?” or “How Can A Virtual Assistant Help You?”. Maybe you have a FAQs page that you can morph into an article, such as “Top 5 Questions About Working With A Virtual Assistant”.

Keep in mind–You’re looking for ideas for which you can write un-biased, educational types of articles that don’t reference your business.

=> Your customer support replies.

Any time you find yourself answering a question that has come up more than once, it’s likely that many other people are wondering the same thing. If you’ve taken the time to create an answer for that one person, why not use your customer support reply as the basis for an article? I do this all the time–in fact, most of my article ideas are inspired by interactions with clients and potential clients.

The types of questions that you’re looking for are ones that require you to teach the customer something. For example, I get questions all the time about how to create resource boxes for article submissions. I can use that teaching information from the customer support reply and turn it into an article.

=> Any e-books that you’ve written.

Just take a look at the ‘table of contents’ page–however many chapters you have, you’ve got at least that many article topic ideas. You may even be able to use most of the content directly from the book, as long as you adjust it to fit the length of a free reprint article with proper introductory and concluding paragraphs.

=> Other people’s books about topics related to your field.

You don’t even have to read the book–just look at the ‘table of contents’ for quick ideas for writing topics. Obviously you wouldn’t use the other author’s content, but you can take the topic idea and write your own article.

You could also do this with magazines–just look at the table of contents and pick out any titles that are intriguing to you. Then, write an article that uses that title.

=> Do you have a newsletter?

If so, the teaching information that you create to send to your list members may be perfectly suited for articles.

=> Blogs in your niche

Look for post titles that interest you–again, you don’t even need to read the blog post. You’re just looking for article idea inspiration. By just looking at the post title, what article would you write that would have a similar title?

You can also scan the blog for posts that generated a lot of comments. Skim through the comments for any morsels of inspiration.

I like to read blogs that are not on my exact topic (article marketing), but are on a related one (writing). Many times I have to stretch and think how I would apply the topic to my specific niche, but I prefer to do things that way. If you’re looking at a blog that is on your exact topic, I think it stifles creativity, as it’s too easy to unintentionally take the exact ideas from the blog for your articles.

What To Do After You Stumble On A Good Idea

1 – Create a working title.

2 – Jot down a few sentences off the top of your head on the topic.

It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing. In a few weeks when you pick out this topic to begin writing on, you’ll be very pleased not to be met with a blank page. Seeing even a few sentences on the topic will help you when you start to write.

I did this process today, and I ended up with 10 article ideas that I can use over the course of the next month or so! It gives a feeling of relief to know that I have the article ideas lined up just waiting for me to flesh them out and fine tune them.

Do you ever brainstorm a stash of article topics in this way?

If so, will you try it this week?

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5 Responses to “Need Article Ideas? How To Generate Loads Of Article Topic Ideas (In Just One Hour!)”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I have used all those brainstorming ideas but only ever one at time or a couple at the most.

    I often get ideas for blog posts from newspaper or magazine articles. I always have a browse through magazines in my niche in the supermarket to see what’s current.

    You can of course do this online too just by looking at what’s on the covers of popular magazines.


  2. Aadhar says:

    I agree with Sandy. Even I use lots of offline material for my blog and website, as online content is just too much duplicated and no values are added.
    Awesome read as always and I always get new ideas on here.

  3. Aadhar says:

    I agree with Sandy. Even I use lots of offline material for my blog and website, as online content is just too much duplicated and no values are added.
    Awesome read as always and I always get new ideas on here.

  4. Aadhar Card says:

    I think Sandy and Aadhar are absolutely right as I observed that with the increased competition in online market, bloggers are using duplicate content from other blogs which don’t exactly add any new information – repetitive details are useless for visitors.

  5. uidai says:

    Hello Steve,
    According to me – Uniqueness must be present in the content….. But nowadays I have seen a lot of article which are spinned and published, these people are also spamming to get their site ranked. I think this should be avoided…..

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