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ArticleLeverage – how does it work?
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We get many questions on Standard ArticleLeverageâ„¢ and how it works, so here’s a brief overview of the system (this is actually snatched from the old blog, but we need the details on this new blog too!) – a full PDF document explaining it in more depth is available to our members in the members area.

For each article you wish to distribute, using our proprietary Standard ArticleLeverageâ„¢ system, you can set up multiple variations of your article.

(This does NOT mean sending out poor quality ‘spins’ on your article where words are randomly replaced with synonyms from some huge thesaurus, which makes most such articles virtually unreadable, and certainly unpublishable. This system is designed for the professional online marketer, and each variation of your article will maintain the same quality as the original article. Why? Because you set up the variations that are used.)

It means instead you spend a few extra minutes providing variations to certain elements in your article, namely variations of your title, your introductory paragraph, your resource box(es), and any number of sentences in your article.

Then when your article is distributed to the web sites in our network, a different article is constructed and submitted each time, by either swapping in one of your variations for the original article element, or leaving the original element as it is.

As the variations you set up are completely interchangeable with the original element, the end article reads perfectly normally, and has the same high quality as the original – it is just different.

So it may have the original title, but a different introductory paragraph, certain sentences may have changed, and an alternative resource box.

Or the title may be one of your variations, the introductory paragraph will be the same as the original, certain other sentences will have changed (potentially, a different number and a different set of sentences each time, limited of course by mathematical possibilities), and possibly a further variation of your resource box will be used.

You can provide as many variations as you like to your title, your introductory paragraph, and your resource box(es), and you can choose to provide a variation to as many sentences in your article as you like too.

In fact, the more variations you provide for each element, the more each distributed version of your article will differ from other variations of the same article, and ultimately the more you stand to benefit.

Effectively it means there are so many possible variations of your article, that the article directories in our distribution network will potentially each receive a unique, quality, perfectly legitimate version of your article.

Read this independent review of ArticleLeverageâ„¢ from Social Power Linking dude and top online marketer, Jack Humphrey. has also launched Advanced ArticleLevearage that allows for even more powerful article variation creation. Advanced ArticleLeverage is available to Gold Level members.

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16 Responses to “ArticleLeverage – how does it work?”

  1. Connie says:

    Your article leverage is fantastic. I have used other leveraging products and none compare to your. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it is accurate.

    Thanks for having it available.

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks so much. It’s a cool tool–I’m glad you’re getting excellent use out of it :-)

  3. Jane says:

    It’s a no-brainer. I must admit that I’m very new to this whole process, but I adore ArticleLeverage! Just days after I submitted my first article with it, I appeared on Google & Yahoo for the first time! Nice. I don’t really know what other products & sites are out there that offer similar services, but I don’t care at this point either!!! :)

  4. I am relatively new here, but I have seen excellent results by using your service from the first two articles that I’ve submitted!

    I’ve used a couple of different services before, and was surprised to see such difference in quality.

    Thank you!

    Have a great day:-)

    Josip Barbaric

  5. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks so much! We’re glad you’re seeing excellent results, and it sounds like even though the process is new to you that you’re submitting articles like a pro :-)

  6. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Josip,

    That’s wonderful to hear. Thanks so much for chiming in :-)

  7. Paul Easton says:

    Thought you might like to look at some feedback from my post here:

    As I also would like a larger single account. With 10 websites to work with- & articles is not enough.

    Free Google Ranking Help

  8. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Paul,

    Good to hear from you–Thanks so much for your post and we’re glad that you’re receiving excellent results with and with Article Leverage.

    Thanks also for your feedback on the article limit especially in relation to website owners who have multiple websites.

    Update: allows unlimited article submissions, but we still recommend for an optimum campaign submitting up to 8 articles per month/per site, although there’s no actual restriction.

  9. Nial Robbins says:

    I will have to give Article Leverage a try. It sounds like a very valuable tool to use an article very effectively to drive traffic.


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  14. Ed says:


    This is about the best it gets, with tips on marketing your new articles.


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  16. Aine Ireland says:

    A friend recommended your site. I have to say, reading through the content and the recommendations it is great. Thank you for providing this service.

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