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Increase Your Articles’ Distribution with TwitterFeed and RSS
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If you’ve ever wondered how to automatically add updates to Twitter without you having to lift a finger … for example, from new articles, blog posts, and so on … this post will show you how.

TwitterFeed (free service) allows you to do exactly that (in fact, you can also use it to update Facebook too).

It works by linking up RSS feeds with your Twitter account.

So when you distribute a new article, the RSS feed for your articles is also updated. If you use Twitterfeed, your Twitter account will also automatically be updated with a link to your latest content.

Want to use TwitterFeed to help you increase your articles’ distribution? This post will show you how…

How To Use TwitterFeed with Your Articles’ RSS Feed

[Note: Post updated May 13, 2011 to reflect new Members Site and Multi-Pen Name functionality]

1 – All members of have an RSS feed for their articles. Gold Level members have an RSS feed for each pen name they set up in their account. The RSS feeds can be plugged into and used to automatically update associated Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Members can find their RSS feed on their Article Manager page within the Members Site – a link for the RSS feed for the current pen name is shown in the Published Articles section as shown below (note this feed is only available once the pen name has at least one fully distributed article).

For example, my own RSS feed for my articles is

2 – Take your pen name’s RSS feed over to TwitterFeed and create an account.

Click “Sign Up” and fill in the requested info to set up your free account. (Info needed is just an email and a password.)

3- After you create an account at TwitterFeed, the next screen you see is asking you to create a new feed.

Here’s what it looks like after I’ve filled in my info:

Fill in your info--whatever you want to name your feed and plug in your article RSS feed that you found on your home page.

You can click the “Test RSS Feed” button to be sure you’re all hooked up. Here’s what mine looked like when I did that:

It says my feed is working fine ("feed parsed OK")

Under “Advanced Settings”, you get a lot of options to choose from so you can easily control what shows up on your feed. For example, you can set up some prefix text for a new update – so you might use ‘Latest article:’ as the prefix text for an article update for example.

Click on “Advanced Settings” (currently at the bottom left of the page) to get to this page where you can enter prefix text:

This page allows you to customize your feed.

4- Continue on to Step 2 of setting up your feed. On Step 2 on TwitterFeed, you will be configuring the publishing services you’d like your RSS to update.

Since this is a new account with TwitterFeed, click the big blue button that says "Authenticate Twitter"

5 – This takes you to Twitter and a page that is asking you to enter your Twitter username and password.

Fill in your Twitter login and click "Allow" to give Twitter Feed access to update your Twitter account with your latest articles.

Then, you’re done!

What Happens Next?

TwitterFeed monitors that RSS feed and when new items appear on the feed, your Twitter account gets updated too.

What’s more, you can also link it up with to track click-throughs.

You can also use Feedburner to measure activity on the feed (feed subscribers, clicks etc.).

Using it is surprisingly simple … just sign up to for a free account and follow the instructions provided.

Here’s how I’m currently using it:

* Latest articles appearing in my RSS feed for the article directory
* Latest blog posts for my Creative Article Marketing blog
* Latest podcast
* Latest blog posts on my Takanomi blog
* Latest video in my submityourarticle video channel on YouTube (see info on How To Get Your Own RSS Feed On YouTube)
* Latest blog post on
* … and more

Supplement with your own more personal Tweets from time to time and you have a very active Twitter account with the large part automated.

You are also getting additional exposure for your articles, which is a definite perk!

NOTE: Please be aware this content may now be outdated. For the latest quality content on how to build massive publicity for your website, please go to The vWriter Blog - Helping Businesses Grow Traffic, Build Engagement, and "Be Everywhere"

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  1. Thank you Steve! Great information.. enjoy the conference. I’ll be there next year!

  2. Susan Burns says:

    Great stuff, thank you steve:)

  3. Am working on a new website and blog and was actually going to do a search for this twitter information today. Now I don’t have to. Great article, Thanks Steve.

  4. phil chapman says:

    Thanks Steve, Great information makes life easy when you get quality information like this, Regards Phil.

  5. Jason says:

    Implementing it now – Thanks Steve!

  6. Steve, this is super! Thanks to you I’ve just set up a feed to Twitter and Facebook for my recent Youtube videos, and blog posts! Now that’s working I can do my article RSS feeds – woohoo!

    I love, love, love this – merci beaucoup!


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