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ArticleTrickle now launched at
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After many months of development and testing, we have now launched our brand new technology, ArticleTrickle, further enhancing the functionality offered by’s article distribution service.

This technology allows articles to be ‘trickled’ out to our distribution network in a far more natural fashion than the all-at-once approach – the effect would be very similar to if you were distributing an article manually, and only able to distribute it to new potential publishers for say an hour or so a day.

Members can choose the length of time over which they want their article to be distributed – for example, articles can be trickled out over 7 days, 30 days, etc. This helps ensure links generated from article submissions are built up more gradually, which may be more search engine friendly.

In addition, members can now also schedule when they would like articles to be distributed in advance. So members can for example log into their account at the start of the month, set up all their articles to be distributed over the course of that month, set it and forget it – and we’ll take care of the rest.

So how do you use it?

Members just need to click the Submit button to submit an article for distribution in the usual way – you’ll then see different distribution options allowing you to take advantage of ArticleTrickle and the scheduling capabilities.

Not yet a member? Click here now for more information.

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15 Responses to “ArticleTrickle now launched at”

  1. Nick Marr says:

    Its a great concept and the automation of the process over longer periods of time will help SEO, nice work!

  2. Oliver says:


    this is really a qualityincreasing and timesaving technology, pretty cool ;-)


  3. Hi Steve
    I must complement you on the quality of your regular blog posts, although I’m very new to article marketing I already feel like an expert!
    ArticleTrickle sounds like a great idea, I can’t wait to try it.
    Kind regards
    Visit to discover a hidden eBay niche that is BURSTING with profit!

  4. Paul Browm says:

    Thanks for the post.
    I have a number of websites, including an article directory myself, and am intrigued with the ‘drip feed’ idea. It sounds like a good idea as it would allow links to grow at a steadier. more ‘natural’ rate, rather than just ‘suddenly’ inccrease, which I would think would be better for SEO.

  5. I must admit the information provided in this blog regularly is too good.

  6. Annie says:

    Hi, I write to improve language skills as part of my journey to discover new methods of learning. Look forward to get started here. Thanks for remembering to email me.

  7. Hi Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for your services. Using the Submit Your Article service has saved me hours and hours of time by not having to submit my articles one at a time. Article trickle is just the icing on the cake. Thanks a bunch,
    Tim Stokes

  8. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for making the link available ;-) The search engines are getting smarter and smarter, and fortunately you are too – thanks for providing a tool that works.
    Keep it up!

  9. Steve says:

    Thanks, Tim, Ejvind … and all :)
    I’ve been using ArticleTrickle myself for a while now behind the scenes and have already noticed a positive SEO effect in terms of maintaining and visibly increasing rankings for keywords associated with articles I have in distribution. My impression is that it certainly gives the edge over the ordinary all-at-once approach, and is well worth taking for a spin – and of course let me know your own results with this.

  10. Thanks for your leadership Steve!

    ArticleTrickle seem to be a formidable addition to your already exceptional service. As there continues to be changes in technology and the way Google do business, it is imperative that companies like yours incorporate additional tools to not only compliment, but also enhance your members experience.

    Once again, thanks for your leadership!

    To your ultimate success,


  11. delords says:

    Its a Great News for we marketers and i hope this gets to the top and also help us all succeed


  12. Julia says:

    This sounds like a really great concept. I cannot wait to use it.

  13. Hi Steve,
    Your posting gives me a thought on how to improve my article directory as well to meet the new challenges ahead.
    You are always leading the way.
    Keep up the good work!

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