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Reader Question: What’s The Best Way To Build Backlinks In Just One Day?
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Link Building with Article Marketing

Better SEO is the pot of gold at the end of the link building rainbow.

Reader Question:

“What are some of the best strategies for writing, submitting, and gaining more backlinks from articles in any given one day period.”

My Answer:

Article marketing is a great way to build links and the actual link building with article submissions is much more quick than with most other methods, especially if you use an article submission service like

However, I want to caution you that the idea is not to do anything in “just one day” as it takes time to see results of your link building efforts.

Why is that?

Well for one thing, the links that you build today will not be evaluated by Google (and the other search engines) until the next time that their search engine spiders re-evaluate your backlinks.

Search engines re-evaluate incoming links every 3-4 months, so it’s not likely that you will reap the rewards of your efforts in the search engines on the very day that you build the links. Most of the time, when you build links to your site you will be able to see them in a backlink check within the next few months.

After Google re-evaluates your links, then they can re-evaluate how your site sits in the search engine rankings. When your site ranks highly in search engine listings for your keyword terms, you can see a dramatic increase in traffic over the long term.

Now, this is not to say that you can’t see an increase in traffic on the days after your submission–you can, especially if your article gets picked up by a prominent ezine.

What I’m saying though, is that the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is not in short term traffic, but rather from the impact on your site’s SEO which can make a long term and more dramatic impact on your traffic.

In my opinion, the best benefit that article marketing can bring is in SEO–the increase of search engine ranking for keyword terms. That type of result is not achieved overnight, but rather with consistent and steady work over the long term. When your site is listed higher in Google, you will consistently receive more traffic.

Link building is an integral part of SEO, and with article marketing you can consciously and consistently build links to your site which can have a dramatic impact over the long term.

Should you even try to build a ton of links in one day?

What I advise is undertaking a long-term article submission campaign which gradually increases links on a more consistent basis over time. If you do that, your results are more likely to be positive.

I recommend spacing out your submissions and not submitting truckloads of articles all at once, as some publishers don’t appreciate that, and also, a sudden upsurge in links could hurt your SEO, and would be damaging to long-term traffic trends.

So, don’t buy into that ‘build traffic in one day’ stuff–any results you see with one day’s work are quick to fade. What you should be going for is long term success.

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