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Blog Network Update …
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Thank you for all the positive comments and enthusiasm following last week’s announcement of the exciting new features coming to A quick update for you …

We’re just finishing off some testing and some final tweaks on our live systems before allowing blog owner’s to start registering their blogs through our Publisher Dashboard. – we’re hoping for this to be later today, so please look out for updates on this.

However, I can tell you that we do have dozens of blogs already using this system as part of our testing and it’s all working amazingly well …

Member articles are already starting to appear on these blogs, based on the keywords set for each blog (i.e. blog owners can determine exactly what they’re looking for in the content they want to receive), and so already enjoying the advantage of backlinks from niche-relevant blogs.

And the blogs are enjoying (blogs have feelings too, you know!) a supply of fresh, niche-relevant content sent to them regularly on auto-pilot.

Previously the process was … blog owner goes to article directory to look for suitable content, locate it, copy and paste into a new post on their blog, and publish it. But of course, most blog owners wouldn’t bother … and either struggle to create their own content on a regular basis all the time, or leave their blog to wither and die.

Now it’s simple (or will be as soon as we’re live) … blog owner registers with our Publisher Dashboard, sets exactly what content he wants to receive, content delivered automatically to blog … blog keeps fresh and healthy, builds strong value over time, with obvious advantages for the blog owner and the content writer (gaining valuable backlinks that increase in value over time).

Even more advantages for both when the content writer uses our ArticleLeverageâ„¢ system …

And that’s not to mention the additional advantages of the Advanced ArticleLeverageâ„¢ system and ‘naked articles’Â that are being launched in mid-November … covered in last week’s post.

So … look out for a further announcement later today. Exciting!

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3 Responses to “Blog Network Update …”

  1. eamon says:


    Will this include previously submitted articles or will it be all articles from a certain date?

  2. Steve Shaw says:

    Hi Eamon,

    This will not affect previously published articles–just articles submitted from here on out.


  3. Cadmus says:

    Thanks on your great posting! I enjoyed reading it.

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