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Blogs vs. Article Submissions – Should You Have A Blog Or Do Article Marketing (Or Both?)
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Here’s a question from a reader who wanted some clarification on what the difference was between submitting free reprint articles or having a his own blog for marketing purposes:

I have a question regarding the merits of having a blog relative to doing article marketing and the justification for duplication of effort. Is it all back to SEO and available time or are they different things?

Having a blog and doing article marketing are two ways to market a website, and they are not exclusive of each other–for example, my blog that you’re looking at right now Creative Article Marketing is a marketing and educational tool for my business,

This blog drives traffic to my main site, and one of the benefits of this blog SEO-wise is that the content is completely unique–I am not publishing this information anywhere else on the internet, so when Google looks at these pages, it sees unique content.

It evaluates the content on the pages here, and gives us search engine rankings for certain keywords. If Google regards Creative Article Marketing as an authority site, then the site will rank higher in search engine results pages. It will also increase the value of the links that are going from this blog to my main site.

The Blog Markets Your Website, But What Markets Your Blog?

But the question is–a blog is a website, and when you create a blog you have the same issue as you have with your main website–how do I drive traffic to it?

This is how every type of website (including blogs) can use Article Marketing:

By submitting free reprint articles, you are:

1) Bringing exposure to your site
2) Building links to your site
3) Increasing search engine ranking

With article marketing, when a publisher goes to a directory and decides to republish the article on his site, he also republishes your resource box, which contains a link to your site. Each time a publisher does this, he is reprinting the same article he saw on that directory, so it would be pretty much the same content appearing on multiple sites.

That is the trade off–on a blog, you will produce unique content. In order for people to read your content they have to come directly to your site.

With article marketing, the content appears in multiple places on the internet, but it also brings your website more exposure than only having a blog or only having a traditional website.

There is merit to having a blog and doing article marketing, since each of these platforms works in different ways and has different strengths.

If you have a blog and want to do article marketing, you can save time by bouncing the two off of each other–first publishing on your blog, then using your post on your blog as an outline for your article. Again, the blog content would not be used verbatim in your articles, but would only be a starting point in creating an entirely new piece of content.

I love working with a blog and article marketing and have some resources on how to work the two simultaneously:

How To Use Your Blog To Generate Articles

How To Turn A Blog Post Into A Free Reprint Article

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