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Business Article Marketing: Does It Work for Larger Companies?
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I received a great question recently, and it really points to the fact that article marketing is becoming more widely used by all types of businesses, not just small, local or internet based businesses. Here is the question someone recently asked me:

Would you say article marketing works well for larger companies, i.e. enterprise-level?

For smaller companies, article marketing is absolutely fantastic at building the authority of a person. But with larger companies, it’s perhaps the company itself that wants to be promoted, which is harder, as the bio box is geared towards the individual?

Lastly, I suspect any larger companies would not like non-promotional articles on their own site. In your estimation, would the power of article marketing be weakened if the offsite articles linked back to onsite pages that were image-heavy, heavily promotional and perhaps light on content? (I’m just trying to visualise a typical page of a much larger professional website, in contrast to the smaller WordPress sites usually run by marketers.)

Many thanks for any thoughts you may have!

That’s a great question. There’s no reason why article marketing wouldn’t work well for larger companies too – resource boxes don’t necessarily need to mention a specific person. Many times the resource box will just list a business name and give information about a business or product.

The resource box would link back to the website of the business, and you can link to any page on the site. It doesn’t matter what’s on the pages on your site you link back to. It’s all part of building backlinks to your site as a whole.

As always with article marketing, the article would be educational and not about the actual business itself.

We do have members who use our service as part of providing SEO for larger organizations. Article marketing is just part of an overall SEO strategy.

Article marketing is primarily used by anyone with a website who wants to get a higher ranking in Google and the other search engines. So, it is beneficial to large and small companies alike.

One of the perks of article marketing is establishing the expertise of an author, but that is not the main benefit. The main benefit you’re going for is for SEO, meaning a higher search engine ranking for the website when people search for keyword terms associated with the site.

The higher search engine ranking translates to an increase in targeted website visitors, which every company (large or small) would like for their business.

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6 Responses to “Business Article Marketing: Does It Work for Larger Companies?”

  1. You still don’t show how article marketing is working for your business. We want some practical case study, eh?

  2. Jerry Jose says:

    I always wonder why all articles related matters called article marketing. There is nothing direct marketing in it. If we sell articles or make money directly with articles can say article marketing. Just place an article to my blogs should not call article marketing. But if you mean that by posting a blog, the chances of seo increasing and indirectly it can called article marketing. Then we should consider article marketing is a wide subject. from writing articles, collection ideas, proof reading etc. etc. to getting targeted customers to the website through search engines. Then all internet activities can call article marketing. am I correct?

  3. Steve Shaw says:

    @Ron – SEO Copywriting Blog:
    Hi Ron,

    We wouldn’t continue to use article marketing ourselves if it didn’t continue to work, and we continue to maintain several page #1 listings for our own keywords, including #1 positions. Article marketing continues to be a solid part of any SEO strategy, as well as being effective in building up traffic from the articles themselves. The fact that customers continue to submit thousands of articles month after month through our service, including hundreds of long-standing customers, offers some indication as to its continuing effectiveness! There always will and always have been doubters, and luckily Penguin and Panda led a sharp decline in poor quality, spammy articles, which has left more room and made article marketing more effective for the rest of us.

  4. Steve Shaw says:

    @Jerry Jose: Hi Jerry,

    Article marketing basically means using the power of free reprint articles to effectively market your website.

    It involves you writing and syndicating free reprint articles via article directories, other websites, blogs, ezine editors, and article announcement groups, and allowing them to freely publish your article in return for a link back to your site from the resource box at the end of the article (or if you’re submitting Naked Articles through, then this link can come from the body of the article).

    For more info on what article marketing is, check out these posts:

    A Guide To Article Marketing:

    What is Article Marketing?

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