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Business Article Marketing: How It Works…
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Recently I told you of my journey into the world of article marketing and how I started in a place that you are probably sitting now–a business owner in need of a way to market my business online.

I did a ton of research of various methods of online marketing, and I came to the conclusion that article submissions are a crucial key to successfully marketing a website (business, product or service) on the internet.

Now, article submissions are not the only marketing tool I use, but article marketing is definitely the centerpiece of my online marketing, and it’s an ideal place for any business website owner to start. In fact, if you’re completely new to marketing on the internet, I highly recommend that the first marketing technique you set in place is article marketing.

Last time, I gave you a really basic overview of how business article marketing works, and I really want to go a little more in depth, so that you will begin to see the need that article marketers are satisfying as well as the benefits that they receive.

Publishers need content…

The first thing you should know is that there are tons of online publishers who are looking for content to publish on their websites. You see, having quality content on a website increases the value of a website. If a website has a lot of helpful information on it, then people are likely to spend more time looking around.

Also, publishers will oftentimes have ezines that they need content for. The more helpful an ezine is, the more people will be drawn to subscribe.

The value of a website (or an ezine) is determined by its usefulness to human readers, and a website’s value to its readers is largely determined by its content.

(Why did I say “human” readers, you may be wondering? After all, what other type of readers are there? Well, a non-human “reader” would be Google or another search engine. Search engines use all sorts of algorithms to detect how useful a website is to a human reader. You’ll learn more about this as you become more familiar with online marketing…)

Why don’t these publishers write their own content?

A variety of reasons–they might not have the time, or they might not have the inclination or the skill. They also might have English as a second language and find it hard to write articles in English. Perhaps they don’t have the knowledge to be able to write content on the topic of their website.

Whatever the reason, they would rather that someone else write their content for them. That’s where you come in…

People doing business article marketing provide that content…

When you’re doing article marketing, you will write educational articles on the general niche of your website. You write articles teaching people about your topic and instructing them how to do things associated with your topic.

When you are writing free reprint articles, your role is that of a teacher.

You are also an author. When an author writes a book or an article, he gets credit for it. On book jackets you’ll see an “Author Bio” that is just that–a little biography about the author. The free reprint articles you’ll create have a similar attribution called a “Resource box”.

The Resource Box

The Resource Box contains biographical information, information about your business (or product or service), an incentive to visit your website, and a link to your website.

By clicking that link in the resource box, the reader is instantly taken to your website. The links in your resource boxes are also helpful in getting a higher ranking in Google. In fact, getting a higher search engine for your website in Google is the main reason why people do article marketing.

How many articles?

If you’re using an automatic article submitter like, I recommend submitting 8 articles per month for each website that you’re marketing. So, if you just have one website, you just need to submit 8 articles.

If you’re still in the phase of submitting manually, unfortunately your article quota is much higher–think dozens of articles a month. Really, if you’re serious about doing business article marketing, the sooner you start using an automatic article submitter the better. Remember, I speak from experience here

Any questions?

Okay, we’ve gone a little deeper today on what article marketing is about and why people do it. It’s completely ethical–publishers have a need for content and you’re satisfying that need with your articles. Both the publisher and the person writing articles benefit.

We’ve still only skimmed the surface though, and it’s likely you still have some questions swimming around in your head. Please, don’t hesitate to ask me! Just leave your question as a comment, and I’m happy to try to help…

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