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Local Business Article Marketing: How It Works
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Local business owners are catching on to the power behind Article Marketing to attract local customers.

In a previous post we were addressing a question that some of you may be wondering:

“We would like to do local business article marketing. We are a local company and we would like our articles to be distributed only in the UK market because our site can only cater to UK customers. Is this possible? Can we restrict the distribution to just the UK market?”

Or maybe you’re wondering about a different country or a specific city someplace in the world.

I love getting this question because local business owners are starting to realize that website marketing is extremely powerful!

At this point, you may not be sure exactly how things work, and you may even have a bit of healthy skepticism. That’s fine–at least you have a hunch that article marketing can work for you, and you have a budding curiosity about how local business article marketing works.

In the last post we went over some foundational information, and now we’re moving into more specific info. You know that you should write articles on your general topic and create a resource box that includes your location. You also know that you should be submitting your articles to sites that publish articles on your general topic.

What happens next?

When you submit an article, it is not just being published one time. The idea is for the article to be published many times–that is why the articles are called free reprint articles. If all goes well, your article will be published on more and more sites on a continuous basis.

Each time your article is picked up for publication, your resource box with a link back to your website is also published. Each time your article is republished, you are building links to your site.

Link building is the main goal of article marketing.

What’s so important about links?

The number of links your website has influences your search engine ranking. If you market your site correctly, the search engines should be your main source of traffic. Your search engine ranking is your website’s ranking in Google (Yahoo, etc) for your keyword terms.

Using the UK car leasing site from the last post as an example, if someone types the search terms “UK car leasing” into Google they will be greeted with a list of websites.

These are the websites that Google thinks have the best chance of satisfying the customer’s query. If your site is at #150 in the list, then your search engine ranking for that keyword term is 150.

By building links with article marketing you can jump up the search engine ranking lists. The goal is to be #1. The #1 ranked site gets significantly more traffic than other sites ranked further down. This is how you get more targeted customers.

Let’s go back to the original question…

Can you restrict distribution of your articles to the UK market (or whatever your local market is)?

The answer is “no”.

Important follow up question: Do you need to restrict the distribution of your articles to only the UK market in order to get UK visitors to your website?

The answer is “no”!

It does not matter where the websites that publish your article are located geographically. What matters is that your articles are published on sites that have articles on similar topics to yours, that you reference your geographically specific keyword term(s) in the resource box, and that you build links to your site.

Your targeted visitors will find you via a Google search, which results in WAY more traffic than you could ever receive from any particular publisher.

How can getting a higher search engine ranking produce more targeted traffic than making your articles exclusively visible to people in your geographic region?

We’ll talk about that tantalizing concept in our next post.

For now, let me ask you:

Do you understand how article marketing builds traffic to a website?

Do you get how local business article marketing can dramatically impact your marketing efforts over the long term?

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  1. Dottson says:

    Local business article marketing should be one of the marketing pillars of a local business. Your posts are doing a great job explaining how to get the most out of article marketing… especially for businesses that cater to local customers only.

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