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Does The Article Topic Really Matter When Doing Local Business Article Marketing?
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Local business article marketing offers an incredible opportunity for small business owners, and I am so pleased that so many offline entrepreneurs are interested in learning the online marketing ropes.

Doing article marketing itself is pretty easy–there is no need for technical or SEO knowledge. Basically all you have to know how to do is write an article. There are, however, some special strategies that go along with local business article marketing that you need to know.

Previously I was telling you about how to submit articles for a local business, and I pointed out that a very common mistake is to try to write articles around your location specific keyword terms. Basically that means trying to slip your location into your title and your article in ways that it just doesn’t fit. That is not how you do local business article marketing.

I had pointed out that the object is to write the article on your general niche (not mentioning your location), and then use your location specific keyword terms in the resource box, particularly the HTML resource box which will allow you to use your keyword terms to form the link to your website.

I received a question in response to that post that I think is worth elaborating on:

If article marketing is really about getting backlinks from the resource box, then does it really matter what the article itself is about? For example, if you want to build authority for the keyword phrase “San Francisco dentists”, then it seems reasonable that an article about, say, San Francisco earthquakes would be just as “relevant” as an article about (general) oral hygiene.

That’s a great question. Does it matter what the article itself is about–yes, for a few reasons.

The Article and the Resource Box Should Be Using Two Different Types Of Keywords

There is a big difference between the keywords you choose to focus on in your article and the keywords you choose to use in linking back to your website.

For the former (the keywords in your article), you’re looking at more longer tail keyword phrases where the competition is low. The low competition makes it so that you have a good chance of the article showing up high in the search engines (Google, etc) for the long tail keyword phrase that you’re focusing on. So, this is really in addition to the main keyword phrases that you want your website to show up high for, and you’re trying to get traffic through people finding the article, reading it and clicking through.

Many local business owners who are using keywords as part of their title and article are not using long tail keyword phrases. Most are trying to use main keywords, and it is very difficult to write appropriate articles using location specific main keyword phrases related to a business. You may be able to do that a few times, but after that it gets repetitious.

For the latter (the keywords in your resource box), this is about your long-term strategy regarding which main keyword phrases you want your website to rank well for in the search engines (SEs), and has less to do with the article itself. By linking back to your site, you’re telling Google what your site is about (not the article itself), and you’re trying to get traffic through an increased ranking on Google for your site under your main keyword phrase(s).

Context Matters

The significance of that link is also increased by the context in which it is found – i.e. you’re writing about your niche in the article, and then linking to a site that is within the same niche. This is a more significant link than say if the article was about dog training, and then you linked to a site in the resource box that was about cooking fish. The link would be out of context, and it would not make a lot of sense to Google.

So, the article topic does matter–it gives context to the link. A link coming from a web page about dentistry and going to a website about dentistry gives good context to the link.

Always Write For Your Target Market

It is also helpful to the reader–let’s say you’ve found a great article on dog training, and you look at the resource box for more helpful information on this topic only to find that the resource box is talking about San Francisco dentists. A reader would be confused by that resource box connected to that article, and you would miss getting the direct click from the article itself.

Always write for your target market. Your target market should find your article helpful, and that will make it more likely that they will click the link in your resource box.

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3 Responses to “Does The Article Topic Really Matter When Doing Local Business Article Marketing?”

  1. Eddington says:

    This issue of seo for articles stilbaffles me. There is a lot of approaches to this, but what you are saying here makes a lot of sense I mean including the keywords in the resource box i.e. I think they really become even more powerful if you create an anchor to your related landing page.

    And yes I want to believe your title is also crucial, one thing you really want to put some thougt into.

    Some say try including your keyword (long tail preferably) in the title, first line of your article, and perhaps last sentence of your article to avoid keyword stuffing.

  2. Pat Wiklund says:

    How about doing an article focusing on dentists during the time of the SF earthquake, how their tools and practices match up to today’s practices. Another one could be about how you have protected your practice against the threat of another big quake, again comparing and contrasting your tools & practices with the dentist of 1908.

  3. Steve

    A very useful resource – thanks for sharing.

    I know from my own experience that writing articles for local businesses that it can be repetitive. I hadn’t considered leaving the geo-keywords to just the bio box.

    And having multiple bio boxes is a very cool idea. It is one of those “duh” moments.


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